May 2008

REMINDER: 8.30pm Prime Tonight

A reminder to everyone but Harp-on and Cement Ass that at 8.30pm on Prime tonight is the screening of the Great Global Warming Swindle.

Feel free to use this post for comments, no doubt Cement Ass and Harp-on will be along to “re-educate” you all.


Sorry seems to be the hardest word -The Video

For my Veteran readers.


Ralston off target and McCarten Tory bashing

Bill Ralston: Forget logic, it’s election yearThe thought of spending 48 hours trapped in a remote country lodge with 94 bureaucrats “team building” and discussing property maintenance ranks alongside being severely beaten with a half-dead hedgehog when it comes to my list of… [NZ Politics]

Bill Ralston misses the point entirely. Bill, perception IS reality. End of lesson.

His best line was unfortunately his last.

[quote]Like Hillary Clinton in her doomed race with Barack Obama, all Helen Clark can do now is hang in there and desperately hope her opponent shoots himself in the foot.[/quote]

Matt McCarten: Politics masquerades as research as you’d expect in election yearSince
Labour’s been in power, we haven’t heard a lot from the Business
When Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson et al were running the country
into the ground, the Roundtable was New Zealand’s foremost right-wing
[NZ Politics]

I can’t be bothered critiquing Matt McCarten he is becoming more and more envious and churlish the closer to evisceration labour and the left comes. He would do better to set up a new party to hoover up discontent with the parlous state the left has become under the Clarkists.

Sunday Cartoon by Blanch

Sue Bradford by Blanch

Len Brown collapses

I was sad to see that Len Brown collapsed from a massive heart attack last night.

My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

Len was well on the way to becoming a very popular mayor. Everyone who has met or worked with Len only speaks highly of him. Since becoming Mayor he has worked tirelessly to put his own mark on the mayoralty and gained an impressive reputation. Let’s all hope he recovers swiftly.

Look out Breasel, Here we come!

The Whaleoil clan are out and about.

[quote]A sizable pod of orcas can be seen cruising Auckland’s Manukau Harbour.

Coastguard says reports of the group’s number vary between 15 to 20. The killer whales are not an uncommon sight in the area at this time of year.[/quote]


Breasel at it again

Brenden Sheehan knows no shame. Instead of apologising to New Zealand for using the death of his “relative” he is now seeking compensation to the remaining family of Fololobese Muliaga.

He says they need money for their education. Well so bloody what!

When will this corpse cuddling Svengali of the political landscape apologise for politicising the death of his “relative” especially now after overwhelming evidence presented at the coronor’s inquest showed that the only person to blame for Fololobese’s death was her and her inability to stop shoving food into her mouth.

For god’s sake she weighed 200kgs!!!, she had “no resusitate” orders on her (inother words medical staff knew she was screwed) and still Breasel calls for money.

Well fuck him and his immense “family”.


Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Kiwi Heroes from VietnamFran O’Sullivan echoes what I and others have said about Helen’s forced apology to the Vietnam Veterans. Like John Howard she will forever be remebered for not saying sorry and she sure has got a great deal to be sorry for.

[quote]But as the Yeats quotation goes, the apology “lacked all conviction” – the Prime Minister did not use the word “sorry”.

I had hoped that Clark – a student leader of the Vietnam protest movement herself – could have injected a personal note with some honest reflection on the role our protesting generation played in the shameful treatment which we also awarded to the returning soldiers who we taunted with allegations that they were “baby murderers” or worse.[/quote]

As they marched through Wellington today the words of Fran O’Sullivan would have been remembered and Clark’s and Goff’s actioned remembered also.

For Clark though sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Look what we are having for breakfast

Miss WhaleoilLast weekend I built a chook house. On Friday I battled the holiday traffic to go to the Drury Pet Centre for our 4 Brown Shaver point of lay hens.

Today Miss Whaleoil was delighted to find two lovely eggs in the chook house.

 The Labour Government through Michael Cullen’s inept handiing of the economy has forced us into raising chickens not only for eggs but for the pot if they stop.

Heartless bloody socialists. Oh well at least the kids are having fun looking after the chooks.

There is a plenty of information on the web for keeping chooks at home, so long as you don’t have a rooster it is fine.

Brown ShaverThe names of the chooks are a matter of some contention. I thought Princess, Carpet, Brick and Drain were excellent names, Miss Whaleoil disagrees.

One thing is settled though, as Miss Whaleoil emphatically states, “When they stop laying then we slaughter them for the pot”. her vocabulary is somewhat enhanced for a nine year old. She has also designated me and Master Whaleoil as the axe-men.

Given that hens produce about 274 eggs per annum and we have four I think we won’t be running short of eggs anytime soon.

Don't piss off cartoonists – Reason #57

The NZ Herald continues to show why Helen Clark was, shall we say…unwise…to piss off their cartoonists and in particular denigrate Gordon Minhinnick.

National Hoodie Day