June 2008

More tax increases from Labour

Alcohol prices set to rise as tax increasesA quiet drink with mates will be more expensive from today as excise taxes on alcohol increase almost 3.5 per cent.
Excise tax, sometimes called excise duty, is a type of tax charged on goods produced within New Zealand.
[NZ Politics]

As if the government hasn’t robbed enough from it’s citizenry they are now set to increase excise duties by another 3.5% today robbing further from Kiwi battlers.

There appears to be no rationale behind this move to increase the tax take other than to sock it to an ungrateful populace who aren’t being swayed by the great munificence bestowed upon them from Dear Leader.

This will drop Labour another few points in the polls.


Almost got me

This headline almost got me

Curran to challenge for leadership

Plugs is the one out of touch

Nats’ sports ideas out of touch: GovernmentNational’s new sport policy to funnel money from Government-run anti-obesity campaigns directly into grass-roots sport at schools and clubs has been criticised by Sport Minister Clayton Cosgrove as “out of touch”.
National leader…
[NZ Politics]

Plughead reckons that national’s idea of giving the money that is spent on advertising to fatties on the couch (like Plughead) to sports organisations for equipment is out of touch.

Well you can’t be more out of touch than having fatties like Plughead Cosgrove and Tubby Mahuta promoting “Off the couch” strategies.

DPF also points out the folly of an $11.5 million website!!! Who says there isn’t waste in the public sector?


Poll of polls shows Labour on perilous downhill slope

Poll of polls shows Labour on perilous downhill slopeThe long-term trend in opinion polls has been up for National and down for Labour. From an average lead over National of 10 percentage points early in the last election year, 2005, Labour goes into the final months of this election… [NZ Politics]

Colin James writes in the Herald today about the over-arching trend in the polls. The news is all bad for Labour.

The Herald is going to be running a Poll of Polls and this first one shows a massive 25 point gap.

WOBH has also been leaked Labour’s campaign song and video due for release shortly.


Cartoon: Painting over the eyesores

Cartoon: Painting over the eyesores [NZ Politics]

Another lesson for Clark on why you don’t piss off cartoonists.

Painting over eye-sores

Oh no! I better hide

Apparently there is a Orca hunt on.

[quote]The great orca hunt is on.

Jean-Michel Cousteau is, like his late father Jacques-Yves Cousteau, an ocean explorer. He is in New Zealand this month to find and film orcas, or killer whales, using the experience and contacts of whale researcher Dr Ingrid Visser.

Orcas are the largest species of the oceanic dolphin family, and this is the time of year to spot them, said Dr Visser.

“Because it’s cold, they come in closer to shore to hunt rays for food.”

Dr Visser relies on the public to help spot orcas. “We have an 0800 number, and people just ring and let us know where they are.”[/quote]

This Orca is in Howick, looking forward to seeing y’all this morning with your cameras.


Clark's extraordinary attack on the media

While Clark and the Standard try to blow up a scandal over who or who doesn’t advise National we now find the real reason for them blowing up this scandal.

That reason was the release of a tape of Helen Clark at a journalism conference in Wellington last year that she has tried desperately to cover up.

Colin Espiner is the first MSM journalist to cover it and I have been in discussion with the member of the public who fought the obfuscations and delays of Clark and Simpson to get the tape that originally Clark said never existed. WOBH has a complete copy of the tape as well and has had to listen to Clark and her extremely stilted and doctrinaire seaking style.

The full story of this is truly a story of a Prime Minister desperate to cover-up what she said and hide from the truth of what she said. Despite multiple requests under the OIA for this recording the Prime Minister’s office intially denied that it even existed. This is especially ironic considering that the Prime minister berates Duncan Garner because he had the temerity to suggest that when cornered a politiicans first instinct is to lie. Ironic because that is exactly what Clark and her Office did.

Heather Simpson also went so far as to repeatedly hang up on the member of the public every time he called to see when the tape would be delivered. Finally in complete frustration this persistent individual went to the Obudsman who slammed Clark and her Office an ordered that the recording be released.

After listening to the speech one wonders why she tried to supress it. It is because of her attacks on teh Dompost, the Herald, Duncan Garner, young journalists, cartoonists, editors etc ot her blatent untruths especially about Vietnam.

She describes the Dominion as an “unashamedly Tory Paper” who never really “got used to the election of the first Labour Government”.

She launches attacks against multiple National governments from Sid Holland to Muldoon. She then describes how Muldoon tossed out Tom Scott and describes the rest of the journalists as “sheep” as Tom Scott left.

Then she gets right into the journalists themselves. Accusing them of being inept in their history, social studies and worse being in nappies when the seminal events of “her” past were occuring. The haughty arrogance she exudes is most apparent in this section of the recording. “Very few journalists have any comprehension of the range of relationships NZ has, the range of issue NZ is involved in” and she blames the proprietors of the news agencies for not valuing these type of skills.

She then goes on to opine that media should be involved very seriously in social engineering. She even has the temerity to suggest that the Danish cartoons issues wasn’t about freedom of speech, rather one of editorial taste.

Duncan Garner then cops a flogging. “Duncan Garner from TV3 said that politicians always lie, well I’m sorry but politicians don’t always lie, I was actually quite apalled by this statement because if that is the mindset with which we are reporting then it is no wonder that politicians ranks some where down the scale with second hand car salesmen”. Got that the fault of politiciansa social standing is because the media thinks politicians always lie. The fact that she got the quote horribly wrong doesn’t matter one bit to Clark.

Clark has real problems with journalists and now goes on about journalists making the story about them….“well actually it is not about them, it actually about something else but if the journalist thinks that they have been sleighted then the whole story becomes about them…..”

Finally we get to her real bugbear, irinoci considering she is staffing and funding her own version of...”the blog…..the blooog”…..She is very dismissive of blo-jo’s especiaiiy.

Overall she shows her complete arrogance and intellectual disdain for the current crop of journalists. This is a very useful insight into the mind of Clark.

If only Mugabe was white

A very good opinion piece about the hypocrisy of black Africa in the face of the excesses of Robert Mugabe.

When Ian Smith controlled Rhodesia in the 1970s, African countries rallied against it. Even the white racist government in South Africa demanded change and threatened to cut off electricity supplies if it didn’t happen. SO change came about and lo and behold we now have the tyrant Robert Mugabe wrecking the bread basket of Africa.

Thabo Mbeki sits on his hands and makes nothing but excuses for Robert Mugabe. Some facts now about Zimbabwe under Mugabe;

* Life expectency has dropped from the 60’s to the 30’s under Mugabe

* With inflation running at 10 million percent anyone with $90 is a trillionaire, virtually the whole country are millionaires in ZimBucks

* A loaf of bread costs $1 billion

No one is doing anything about the excesses of Mugabe which also far exceed anything that ever happened under Ian Smith. Not one black African nation will say a thing about Mugabe, in fact they all club together to stick up for him.

If Mugabe was white then his country would have been liberated years ago.

How Gun Control Lost

RealClearPolitics – Articles – How Gun Control Lost
A very good article on RealClearPolitics about how the Gun Control lobby lost at the SCOTUS.

It looked as though ever-stricter gun control was the wave of the future. But the future had different ideas. What happened?

Three main things:

— Gun control didn’t work. In the 1990s, despite its draconian ban, Washington became the murder capital of the United States. Chicago’s homicide rate, which had been declining in the years before it banned handguns, climbed over the following decade. Gun control didn’t work. During the time the federal assault weapons law was in effect, the number of gun murders declined — but so did murders involving knives and other weapons. When the law was allowed to expire in 2004, something interesting happened to the national murder rate: nothing.

— Laws allowing concealed weapons proliferated — with no ill effects. In 1987, Florida gained national attention — and notoriety — by passing a law allowing citizens to get permits to carry concealed handguns. Opponents predicted a wave of carnage by pistol-packing hotheads, but it didn’t happen. In fact, murders and other violent crimes subsided. Permit holders proved to be sober and restrained. People elsewhere took heed, and today, according to the NRA, 40 states have “right-to-carry” laws. As those laws have spread, the homicide rate has fallen sharply from the peak reached in 1991.

— The Second Amendment got a second look. In 1983, a San Francisco lawyer named Don Kates published an article in the University of Michigan Law Review arguing that, contrary to prevailing wisdom in the judiciary and law schools, the Constitution upholds an individual right to keep and bear arms. Numerous legal scholars, spurred to examine the record, reached the same surprising conclusion. Before long, even some liberal law professors were coming around.

Time too to look at the issue here in New Zealand as violent crime soars despite some of the toughest gun control laws in the world. Innocent civilians are being killed without the means to defend themselves.

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Oh yes you are…

Sophie Lewis is a slapperThe kiss and tell slapper who shagged an English Rugby Player and sold her story to the tabloids reckons she isn’t a slapper.

Ok…let’s giver her the benefit of the doubt shall we and examine the intricacies of the case.

1. She went out on the town to bag an England Rugby player.

2. She told NOTW that she “put rampant rabbits to shame. He was such an accomplished lover and we did it in every position imaginable,”

3. She sold the story to NOTW

You’re right hunny, you’re no slapper…you had sex for money that makes you a whore!

As Stuffed.co.nz says;

[quote]She let the world know that she was cheaper than a two dollar prostitute. Good work. She has managed to make her parents really proud in the meantime. Every parent would love to read that their beloved daughter spread her legs for a random rugby guy who in turn f**ked the s**t out of her.[/quote]