Labour continues lie and media are dumb

Quiet battler confronts electorate’s booze woeThe booze culture Labour MP George Hawkins remembers from growing up in “dry” Mt Eden is vastly different from what it is in his Manurewa electorate.
It was the habit of young men to head home on the trolley bus after six o’clock…
[NZ Politics]

George Hawkins is trying desperately to fend of criticism of the Clarkgovernment and Helen Clark blamed Mr Singh for his own demise by suggesting that Manukau was awash with liquor. How ever the virtual reality in Manukau supplied by Ms Clarks over active imagination is  not supported by the facts. Even the media can’t get simple facts right like the name of the city as they attempt to protray liquor as the problem. Manukau is 2nd “driest” in the Auckland region. Clearly simple comprehension of statistics isn’t the strong point of professional journalists.:


Manukau City
Licensed premises:502

One for every 655 people

North Shore
Licensed premises:468

One for every 470

Licensed premises:277

One for every 685

Licensed premises:84
One for every 542

Auckland City
Licensed premises:2079

One for every 193

Licensed premises:287
Population: 135,000

One for every 470 people

Licensed premises:323

One for every 328 people

Licensed premises:697

One for every 273 people

District Licensing Agencies, Manukau District Council, Auckland District Council, Papakura District Council

So what do these show? Well either Clark is not briefed properly or she obfuscates on purpose. Simply put the facts don’t match so one can only conclude that Clark and other are simply trying to place a smokescreen and are unwilling to say what they must surely be thinking.

That alcohol and Pacific Peoples do not go well together and we need intervention like in Northern Territory.

They won’t say that but the facts don’t support their reality thus there must be some other underlying thing they are not saying. WOBh is saying it.


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