Police investigating Labour

Finally….the Labour Party is currently under investigation by the Police for a breach of the Electoral Finance Act.

Unfortunately this means that the statutory bodies have not done their work and was referred as an issue to the Police for investigation and hopefully prosecution by a member of the public.

[quote]The pamphlet “We’re Making a Difference for Everyone” was found by the Electoral Commission to breach the act because it was a not properly authorised election advertisement, but did not refer it to the police because it was the first breach.

However, police have carried out what is the first investigation under the Act, which took effect on January 1.

Inspector Bill Peoples of police headquarters in Wellington confirmed that the police had received a complaint about the pamphlet from a member of the public, but would not name the person.[/quote]

This is a huge embarrassment for Labour, being the first to branch and now the first to be investigated by the Police under their own law.

The Police have been investigating for two months and will conclude that next week. The information only came to light after the Police provided an affadavit to National for their case against the Electoral Commission. National says the law doesn’t provide for “first offences” in fact it says the Electoral Commission “must” refer items to the Police for investigation if found to breach.

If found guilty I have one word for Labour, Diddums!


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  • Clunking Fist

    So it was a private complaint, eh? So if it does proceed to “not in the public interest”, could the complainant take a private prosocution? As with mullard…

  • reid


    Let’s hope it’s the headline in at least one newspaper the day after the election.

  • reid

    What the hell is a diddum anyhoo?

  • pdm

    Funny my thoughts too.

    A prima facie case will exist but because the Electoral Commission said it was the first offence and they did not refer it to the Police it will not be in the public interest to proceed with charges.

    Perhaps they will add this rider – `Labour are stuffed so what is the point’.

  • Lipper

    Just a superb Irony that the Labour Party get hung on their own Petard.

    Is it me or are they just Champagne Communists really?

    Which small Country really needed to spend x% of their GDP buying back a crappy rail system?

    Still at least the Aussie capitalist Running dogs at Toll, booked a half Billion Dollar Profit, and then are spending their warchest buying up all the roadfreight services.

    Left hand and Right hand?