Some bad news for Breasel

Brenden Sheehan is a ChickenI have some rather bad news for Breasel.

You see it seems that he has been spinning some lies to the unfortunate family that he continues to exploit. He has told them that I have been extremely rude about their mother, ok fair enough and that I directly challenged them….which is not quite true.

I actually despise Brenden Sheehan for his blatent manipulation of a tragic situation and his constant lying about details that were shown up in the coroners court for all to see.

I actually challenged him but he saw fit to volunteer one og the boys. Little did I know that one was only 16 and so he is definately unsuitable. The other I understand is 20 so I’d be fine with that.

Unfortunately I have heard on the grapevine from several of my friends (5 of them actually) that Brenden has been trying to hatch a little plot to go and get a ring in to fight me, someone who is a boxer to smash my head in.

Well unfotunately that isn’t going to work. A) because that person isn’t Brenden Sheehan or the incredibly large Muliaga boy, B) the Rukes of the promotor AKO stipulate that the person cannot be an amauer or professional boxer. As AKO is a conglomerate of boxing gyms and that sporting fraternity is very small and close your ring-in won’t qualify.

So Breasel, your little plan won’t work, est you get fit and pony up yourself, coward!

Oh and Sonny Thomas you bloddy great pudding how about you pony up as well…you issued acceptance on Heine’s blog but have yet to show here. Either you or Breasel need to get in touch so I can email your application forms. Pussies!!!