The Standard = Labour

Remember back in January when DPF and I outed The Standard as Labour flunkies, paid bloggers if you will using resources paid for by the Labour Party. The denials flew in thick and fast and every single one of them failed to stand up to scrutiny especially when Mike Williams dropped the lot of them in it.

Well it seems that leopards never change their spots and despite Mike Williams assertions that it as all a dreaful mistake it seems that the fools just can’t help themselves.

Bear with me as I run through this.

There is a domain name, it is and when you enter it in your browser it takes you to the publicly funded Labour Party site. Now a search of the domain records show up something really rather interesting. The Domain indeed is owned by the the Labour party but with a rather funny address. The address is 1N Burgoyne Street , Newton Auckland. That address just so happens to also be the address of one Lynn Prentice the tech “brains” behind The Standard.

Strange, how can that be, the domain is owned by the Labour Party but has its address registered as the address of the tech person reponsible for it….surely it should have Labour’s HQ address as the registered address?

That is not the only strange thing though. A look through a nslookup query is revealing. The IP address that is linked to is which also happens to be the IP address for nameservers. So let’s recap. The web address of is associated with ip address which is also the nameserver address for…this means they reside on the same server.

The links are however much more conclusive. If you do a MX (mail exchange) query for the same IP address comes up, the now familiar So not only is on the same server it is the same server that holds the nameserver records for but is also the same IP address that routes their email through.

But wait there is more. A MX record nslookup on shows that it uses several servers for their mail records. They are,, The addresses are owned by the company that Lynn Prentice previously worked (Smartsims International) for and who have previously denied any links to the Labour Party. Now either they lied or Lynn Prentice continues to use their resources to support the Labour Party and the Standard in some despite the CEO of Smartsims categorically assuring me that this was not the case. Those same domans are also used by as their MX servers.

So back to the mystery Where does that resolve to? Well remember that this is the nameserver of and also the mail exchange for So where does it resolve to? resolves to which is owned by Lynn Prentice.

The Standard and Mike Williams really need to be coming clean about now. There are a number of serious questions that need answering.

1. Did Mike Williams lie when he said h didn’t know who was behind The Standard?

2. Did Mike Williams lie when he said that they had moved off the Labour servers?

3. Why is a publically funded website being linked through IP addresses to a “private” and “unaffliated” group of bloggers at The Standard?

4. Why is email records being routed through the same server as

5. Who is paying for Lynn prentice to maintain all of these sites for the Labour Party? and is it the public purse or the Labour Party?

6. Who are behind The Standard and will they reveal themselves before I do?


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  • expat

    I was ‘banned’ by some control freak tosser who was going on about the old days of bulletin boards etc
    (yeah i was there too but dont wear it as a badge of dorkdom)

    anyway i digress, banned for a week for debating some lefty toss or other, then he/she retrospectively edited comments into the thread to make it look like I had been ‘warned’ about my ‘behaviour’. arf arf. it was classic liarbore keystone cop cheating stuff.

    The substandard dweebs do not get it, which is fine, some one has to occupy the left hand of the distribution curve.

  • mawgxxxxiv

    While a smoking gun in the blogosphere I doubt this will get much play in the main stream media.

  • expat

    Until they get landed with the full costs of running the substandard in election year as an electioneering cost.

    Then it will get plenty of coverage.

    Which I believe is where whale is going with this one.

  • mattb02

    That’s a good theory, but I’m sure Labour will argue they have no standards.


  • Peter Wiseman

    I note that when you go to Frogblog you get a prompt for username name and password for

    ‘Connecting to’

    Seems I am paying for political broardcasts from the Statistics department.

    A case for the EFA?

  • first time caller

    It’s interesting that they have a story going about their new group “drinking liberally” that Cullen attended last session.

    I wouldn’t have thought it was such a good look for the Labour Party to be promoting drinking sessions when they’re trying to shut all outlets down!

  • pdq

    Cullen sounds hung-over at the best of times. But what a fucking liberty these cunts take, the bog-standard is a taxpayer rip-off and the cunts carry on like there is nothing wrong with it. Fuck them and the political party the cheerlead.

  • expat

    if frogblog is hosted on statsnz servers it a case of gross misconduct and career ending.

  • Bok

    Get a grip! This is NZ. There is no such thing as career ending misconduct for anyone on the left.