Winston on NewstalkZB

So Winston was running talkback on NewstalkZb today. Most of the people who rang in are on the short-list for the Death notices.

Winston however has given us all a billboard for whenever or wherever he intends to stand….I want some funding for this it so has to go up.

[quote]”Look in the mirror. I’m sorry but you’re a full flushing, un-risked, reconstructed moron and you’re welcome to vote for any party you like. I hope you don’t vote for mine,”[/quote]

This was in response to someone txting in saying “You are a despicable political prostitute and a lapdog. Hopefully you will soon be assigned to the dustbin of history”. I can’t say I find any fault in that statement.

Now I wonder though if a talkback show where you say Vote NZ First or similar constitutes an election advertisement and if so when was the authorisation statement read…I’ll give you a clur, it wasn’t. Once I have finished downloading the all of the audio I think it will be time for yet another complaint


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