Global Warming missing in action

So much for Global Warming, its colder than you love for a whore when you’ve come.

Miss Whaleoil about to chuck a snowball at me.Global Warming strikes Auckland

So much for Global Warming


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  • Spanishbride

    Nope don’t credit me with any taste at all.

    Fashion is my middle name

    Juana Fashion disaster Atkins LOL

    Too Bloody cold to care

    And its hail folks.

  • Cactus Kate

    Mother knows best Whale. I meant not on the progeny. A better photo would have been progeny throwing hail ball at Mother’s backside.

  • Clint Heine

    it was snowing in Nelson today according to my Dad. Unbelieveable. I don’t ever remember it snowing in the sunshine city. Now that’s cold.

    Don’t forget it was snowing in Baghdad as well this year! Global warming my ass.

  • expat

    its was 33c in Sardinia last week.

  • expat

    oh, and really sunny and dry.


  • Inventory2

    Mrs Inventory and I drove through sleet yesterday on the outskirts of Wanganui – about 3km from the sea as the crow flies, and less than 100m above sea level. There was snow on the foothills a few km’s more inland – at a guess I would say at lower than 200m. At one point the outside air temp gauge in the car was showing 3*. I have been in Wanganui for almost 20 years, and yesterday was the coldest day I can remember.

  • Lipper

    It’s the effects of Global warming don’t you know?

    Pesky citizens haven’t bought enough Carbon Credits

  • coge

    Nothing to see here folks. It’s now been re-branded as climate change.

    Now do yourselves a favour & get back to work.

  • Brian Smaller

    Interesting isn’t it. When it was cold and getting hotter it was global warming. Now that the warmists can’t ignore the fact that it is getting colder, it is climate change. How I long for the good old days when the climate never changed. Those halycon days when you could guarantee the weather forecast. And not just days ahead, but centuries because as we all knew, the climate never changed.

  • itsatrap

    Come, whores, photos of daughters.

    That’s a revolting juxtaposition.

  • Spanishbride

    I agree, he should have said its colder than a Polar Bears Bum!

  • itsatrap

    [quote=Spanishbride]I agree, he should have said its colder than a Polar Bears Bum![/quote]

    Yes. That would be a much better metaphor. 

    As an aside, what medical condition do polar bears get when they spend too long sitting on an ice floe?


  • Lipper

    Indeed as a brand it has been changed from ‘Global Warming’ to ‘Climate Change’.
    Much harder to Debunk.
    I read a copy of ‘Life in the Freezer’, a BBC publication from 1993, that was a made for TV programme, Narrated/Edited by David Attenborough.
    There was a whole section on Antartic Ice Sheet Movement through the centuries.
    This was all before the Governmantal fascination of Ozone Depletion, Y2K, and now CO2 concerns.
    Guess what? The ice sheet recedes and moves up to 200NM in any season, and has done for Millenia.

    Totalitarian regimes know that books are dangerous, and if anyone has read ‘Farenheit 451’ by Ray Bradbury they will understand that as well as killing all the Intelligensia this is the best way to re-write the truth.

    Every Despot has done the same thing since Caxton invented the press.

    I went to play in London by Ben Elton, called ‘Breathe’, and it was all about World Governments’ controlling our Oxygen.
    Like Mugabe starving his opponents, it is even further up the Hierarchical Chain of Needs.
    It dealt with a taxation on CO2. So it gave ultimate, and total power to the Establishments of the World.

    Do I think that Kyoto was anything to do with saving the planet?, or providing better conditions for the 21st Century World?,
    No, it was all about full Control, obedience of the Masses, and Heavy Taxation to neuter the aspirations of the Plebians.

    As Plato said “Power is nothing without control!”

  • Lipper

    In England they once had a window tax. For True.

    Look it up.

    Are we that far a way from a breathing tax?. This CO2 scam is brilliant, insidious, nasty, and will in time be fully effective.

    The only reason that the US finally signed on to Kyoto, was the obvious benefit of suppressing emerging countries from developing.

    Time to man the barricades!!

  • Lipper

    So in recent news, which global hedge fund has just bought the largest European Carbon Credit Scheme?

    Tells us everything.

    We are being taxed by the left, and screwed by the right!

    It is a brilliant scheme, with no monitoring by officialdom.

    This is the making the Great Con Merchants of the World look like absolute rank Amateurs.

    The Con is so huge, and institutionally backed that it will not fail!!

  • Lipper

    Carbon Trading is a corrupt mechanism.

    No wonder that the Labour Party have embraced it so wholeheartedly.

    If Fying is so bad. Ban it.

    If Cars are so bad, ban them.

    If we think that any of this has a feel of Y2K, then be sure in the knowledge that it is!!

    Scare the population, and tax them on their Guilt! Just a brilliant concept.

  • Spanishbride

    ‘As an aside, what medical condition do polar bears get when they spend too long sitting on an ice floe?


    Which brings to mind Miss Whaleoils fav joke.

    A bear in the woods is going to the toilet in the designated toilet area for all animals.

    He strikes up a friendly conversation with a little bunny rabbit who is also using the area.

    ” Tell me little bunny rabbit, do you too, have difficulty with poo sticking to your fur? “

    ” Oh no! ” says the little Bunny Rabbit. ” I don’t have that problem at all. “

    ” GREAT ” says the Bear who picks up the bunny rabbit and wipes his bum with him.