Kerre Woodham: The sound and the fury

Kerre Woodham: The sound and the furyHaven’t our truckies gone all Gallic and cosmopolitan on it? I’ve never thought Kiwi truckies particularly passionate but I’ve always said when a truckie decides to set his mind to something, he does it in style.
And this spectacular…
[NZ Politics]

Kerre Woodham gives the person in the street perspective that the ninth floor and their sponsored bloggers at The Standard seem to be lacking.

[quote]You’d have to wonder why Labour made this announcement just before an election and at a time when rising fuel costs are hurting everyone. Picking on truckies is just plain mean.

They’re usually owner-operators who take a pride in their work and their machines and are doing the best they can in a tough and competitive environment.

Labour Governments shouldn’t be in the business of kicking hardworking blokes when they’re down, especially when they need all the support they can get.[/quote]

Yes and Kerre has really succintly put it right there. Many hardworking blokes are fed up to the back teeth with the siterhood and their nannying. Nine long hard years ago having a woman as the leader was a plus now it is a distinct liability, especially if that woman is Helen Clark.

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