August 2008

The Mosquito

I am on Campbell Live tonight, no it isn’t about the video release it is about The Mosquito.

I have been mentoring, along with a good friend of mine, a group of kids from Auckland Seventh Day Adventist High School in the Young Enterprise Scheme. Their team is called DICE and their business is making and selling ringtones that only teens can hear.

They have been doing really, really well. In the first stage they came third in the presentations behind St Kentigern College and McLeans College. Both of those schools are Decile 10; ASDAH is Decile 2 and is located in Mangere.

At the recent show day our team won Best Stand and Overall prize for their product, presentation and business plans. They are really rocking.

Watch Campbell Live and check out how they have been doing.

Billboard Bonanza

National has launched their campaign and predictably it was with a billboard.

National party Billboard

Meanwhile WOBH has received the following two suggestions for billboards.

Winston NO!

Winston Trusts

And now the SFO has denied it as well

When Helen Clark mounted her disgusting smear against the Serious Fraud Office she surely didn’t think the allegations would last the day did she?

First up John Key came out and denounced the allegations and demanded Clark apoligise and now the NBR’s Ben Thomas has done what every other MSM journo should have done and asked the SFO if they did leak it like Clark says.

The SFO has categorically denied the outrageous and presumptuaous smear that Clark hurled about.

So I guess it is proven again, Helen Clark lies when it suits her. Don’t rush now to apologise Helen, take your time why don’t you.

Little known facts about Sarah Palin

Most people are saying “Who?” when they hear the Sarah Palin has been chosen to be John McCain’s running mate.

In order to help you out here some useful websites for you.

Little Known Facts About Sarah Palin which is very much like and;

Sarah Palin Facts


With friends like these….

The Greens must surely be considering their option regarding New Zealand First, but what about their options with Labour. Constantly shafted and taken advantage of because of their adherence to the more radical communist influences rather than the Green influences of the party.

Labour seems to wantonly attack them at every opportunity despite them being supposed leftist travelling mates. Witness this video of Sonny Thomas, the most hideous gay man on earth and Labour functionary attacking and slurring Green MP Sue Kedgley. He accuses her repeatedly of driving an SUV even after Kedgely denys it and then he accuses her of being a “Marsden Green”. For those who don’t know what that reference means it is because students at Samuel Marsden Collegiate wear green blasers with the inference being these people are green on the outside, tories on the inside. Nice!, attacked by your own mates.

I wonder when the Greens will finally show some integrity and make a stand.


Clark suspects SFO tipped off National Party

Clark suspects SFO tipped off National PartyPrime Minister Helen Clark thinks the Serious Fraud Office tipped off the National Party about its intention to investigate New Zealand First. National’s leader, John Key, said last week he would not work with Mr Peters after the… [NZ Herald Politics]

Helen Clark is now smearing the Serious Fraud Office in a disgusting display of partisanship. Just a few short days ago she was intoning that we should all wait for the SFO to conduct their investigation and yet this morning she wades in boots and all give her considered opinion about the integrity of the SFO.

Bad news for Helen Clark though;

Nats deny SFO tipped them off to NZ First donations probeThe National Party has denied it was tipped off by the Serious Fraud Office about its decision to investigate donations to New Zealand First [TVNZ News Politics]

Now under the “Clark Prinicple” precedent she must accept the word of John Key just as she accepts the word of proven liar Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode. She has callously smeared the Serious Fraud Office, she has lied.

Helen Clark must resign, she has disgraced her office. Better still she should immediately call an election so that John Key and the Rodney Hide can set about cleaning up New Zealand politics from the stench and appearance of corruption at the highest levels of New Zealand governance.

Sub-Judice my ass!

Last week in the parliament Labour along with Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode colluded to silence Rodney Hide. They used the assertion that the items that Rodney was trying to raise and table including the now published secret tape fron TVNZ were sub-judice.

Well that is complete bollocks and Labour, WRP, 63, LMPONFA and the Speaker all know it.

Here is the judgement from that case that supposedly, according to WRP, 63, LMPONFA is still on-going and therefore subject to his ridiculous world view of what sub-judice is.

The judgement makes it plain as the nose on your face that there is no defamation, no issues and indeed, that being the case, then leads one to suggest that there are very real claims of corruption, bribery and perversion of the course of justice.

This why it is shameful that Michael Cullen and Margaret Wilson supported WRP, 63, LMPONFA from bringing the disinfectant of sunlight on these murky dealings.

We urgently need an Independent Commission against Corruption, we irgently need some sort of inquiry into how a parliamentary select committee was nobbled by dodgy evidence and why WRP, 63, LMPONFA changed his tune and did $300,000 help change his mind?

Winnie the Pooh

Two brilliant cartoons.

Guy Body in the Herald

Winston Peters a rat


Winnie the Pooh

Axis of Weasel luck out

New generation to fly party flag at electionLabour has ensured it will have an injection of new faces after the next election by abandoning its practice of ranking MPs ahead of other candidates, instead putting great emphasis on ethnic diversity. Its top-ranking new face… [NZ Herald Politics]

The Axis of Weasel did a stellar job of advancing their list placings. Jordan, especially, must be regretting felching his way round the European Parliament.

Jordan Carter #70
Kate Sutton #63
Conor Roberts #64

Of course Brenden Sheehan didn’t figure at all after I destroyed his credibility as a candidate. Other candidates that need to dust off their extremely thin CV’s include Mr Photoshop Brian Kelly, Judith Tizard, Darien “Smackhead” Fenton and Michael Wood.

If this is the result of “three years’ work – of recruitment, of candidates, identification, and so on” then they should sack their recruiters, and as for “generational change”, well, what a fucking stupid thing to say when your top newcomer is 62 year old Rajen Prasad.

PM may be grilled over Glenn donation

PM may be grilled over Glenn donationPrime Minister Helen Clark could be called to appear before Parliament’s privileges committee to discuss what she knew about a $100,000 donation to suspended Foreign Minister Winston Peters by expatriate billionaire Owen Glenn. In… [NZ Herald Politics]

The likelihood of Simon Power grilling anything other than toasted sandwiches before the committee is high. He really needs to pull his fist out of his arse and apply the blow-torch to Clark.

Farrar has some good points (see David, thats how you link to something you are talking about) that the committee, if they grow some balls, could raise with the Prime Minister, who it appears has her slimy mitts all over the Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode affair.