Auckland: Two stories

I have two tales for you about Auckland. Well one isn’t a tale, ok it is but it is Aaron Bhatnagar’s tale and he has posted Chapter 4 of Transmogrification on Auckland Blog.

In this chapter Aaron explores the turning point in Hubbard’s failed mayoralty and his failed Team 20 concept.

The second story I have for you is about Auckland Central Electorate and the difference between two candidates.

Today wasn’t a flash day in Auckland and yet the two main contenders in Auckland Central Electorate used it rather differently.

The incumbent, one Judith Tizard, was sipping, in quantities rather unbecoming a Member of Parliament, champagne in Northcote this morning.  It should be noted that Northcote isn’t in Auckland Central Electorate. It is seperated by a stretch of water and a rather large bridge, yet there she was sipping champagne in Northote.

Meanwhile actually in the electorate was Nikki Kaye. She was out knocking on doors that the incumbent probably has never knocked on, working tirelessly meeting her soon to be constituents.

What a contrast, one fat, dumb, lazy incumbent MP swigging champagne like the Chardonnay Socialist she is and the other fit, young candidate legging it around the electorate meeting people.

It must be said that Judith sipping Chanpagne in Northcote was probably helping National on both sides of the Bridge.