I'm a woman hating freak and my Dad is embarrassed

That is if you believe the mad ravings of Russell Brown and fat git Mikey Havoc in their weekly twitterings on bFM.

RB: You would think it would but boy Mikey, some of the right wing bloggers and their commenters on that story, were just, have you no decency.

MH: Well I tell you what I know about some of those right wing bloggers, pack of fuckwits some of them

RB: Oh yeah, yeah the worst of them actually is a guy called Cameron Slater, ah, who blogs as Whaleoil, uhm he’s the son of the former National Party President John Slater, who I gather is quite embarrassed by his son’s activities, but boy what a woman hating freak that man is!

Not only do these tools have a go at me they also  have a crack at John Banks, Aaron Bhatnagar and Cameron Brewer.

Well this woman hating freak whose father is embarrassed about his activities also gave you some bucks for your son’s home schooling when you put out the begging bowl, so who is the fuckwit now, arsehole. I’m of a mind to ask for it back but that would be uncharitable, so I’ll just do what I hould have done long ago and remove any links to Russell Brown from my site and never post a link to any more of his drivellings ever again.

I will now also place you and you fat fuck mate in the firing line. In fact here is a challenge for you, i know Russell won’t take it up because he is a blouse but Mikey might, in 12 weeks I get in the ring, it’ll be after the election so how about huh? you big fat fuck, it’d do you good, the training and the discipline. We’ll sell tickets to it and the proceeds can go to Russell’s kids home schooling fund. Come on how about it, you think you can handle getting in the ring with a right wing blogger, one of the pack of fuckwits? It’s for a good cause, surely you can’t deny that? Come on Mikey, how about it. Do you think you can smack one of those fuckwits over?


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  • pdq

    Your must be doing something right Whale if you have managed to get these socialist’s panties so bunched up.

  • pdq

    Oh, and Tory Charity ought never extend to useless socialists and their ilk, they have enough access to our money through tax. I make a point of never giving the bastards a cent while they have their sticky fingers in my other pocket.

  • dad4justice

    Mikey Havoc is a powder puff and Wussel Brown is a new sub species of humanity who runs a Paris Hilton blog. They’re both called made in New Zealand wimps and Mr Brown is very friendly with Mr Davis.

  • Harpoon

    [quote=Whaleoil]in 12 weeks I get in the ring, it’ll be after the election so how about huh? you big fat fuck, it’d do you good, the training and the discipline. We’ll sell tickets to it … blah blah blah[/quote]

    OMG, Cameron, what is it with you? Every time somebody has a go at you, you fly into pugilistic orbit. Get a grip, man.

  • dad4justice

    Hey harpoon, take me on jerk and I ‘ll sit you on your arse faster than Wussel can slip a backdoor one up Mikey.

  • michaels

    Nice to see you D4J.
    And Whale, about fucking time you get rid of some of your links, it’s not as if I’ve never told you this!!
    What point are they except to give these fucktards traffic????

  • Whaleoil

    Oh come on Harp-on its for charity, think of poor Leo.

    And, from your comment you think it is ok for Brown and Havoc to use a Radio Station to metaphorically beat me up, let alone tell outright lies about me? huh? huh?

    Is that OK? What is it Russell says in the ad? “It’s not OK to say she was asking for it” But it is ok to call someone a “woman hating freak”

    Russell Brown is a A Class hypocrite. Feel sorry for him, he isn’t a real journalist, he isn’t a real blogger either, he has lost the aura of being a leader in the industry because of his nana attitudes and typical socialist finger wagging hypocrisy.

  • Spanishbride

    Now now, Whaleoil as one of the womin you apparently hate you do know what they say about stick and stones…don’t you?

    Well its like this…you take the sticks and…..LOL

    I think that it only means that you are effective at what you are doing if they are going out of their way to name you and insult you.

    Any publicity is good publicity after all. They certainly can’t miss you. You are in their face and they don’t like it.

    Sure you can’t stand Helen Clark, but how that translates to being a misogynist is anyones guess.

    It still amazes me that they STILL have to mention your DAD as if you are a spotty teenager.

    It makes me wonder about poor Bush. He becomes President of the USA for gods sake and do people then still keep referring to his Dad and comparing him to his dad and asking whether his Dad approves of his latest decision?? I bet they do.

  • barnsleybill

    Havoc needs a slap for marrying waverley, the thought of him being with one of the few genuine nz hotties to appear on the electric fishtank really gives me the shits.
    Anybody thinking of taking cam on should probably have a look at the secret footage I took of his scrap with the corpse cuddler.

    Amazing that Sheehan has grown his hair very long since labour sacked him.

  • expat

    The same fat fuck mickey that moans about auckland traffic but then chooses to live in Oratia but work in central auckland contributing to the congestion.

    lickspittle hypocrit being paid by the gummint

  • Zutroy

    If you do go boxing Mikey Havoc, avoid the nose as I understand it’s a sensitive spot and Havoc might be prone to nosebleeds.

  • OECD rank 22 kiwi

    Don’t worry Whaleoil. Russell Brown will be getting the sack from his “Media 7” job once the political winds of change blow through in less than ninety days. I’m sure once his taxpayer, state funded salary dries up he will be bring the begging bowl out again.

    In the mean time rejoice in the knowledge that this ass wipe is going to have a very bad November. John McCain voted in as president of the USA followed a few days later by Helen Clark being unceremoniously booted out of office. Not long after that he’ll received a letter from TVNZ stating that they are going through some format changes at “media 7” and they no longer require Russell’s services.

    Let’s see how funny Russell Brown finds all that. I’ll be laughing, a lot. :D