New poll shows gap is closing….or is it?

New poll shows gap is closingNational is shedding support to chief rival Labour as the election nears, but it still has enough backing to govern the country alone in the latest Herald-DigiPoll survey. Like several other polls over the past month, the August… [NZ Herald Politics]

The NZ Herald has focussed on the gap between Labour and National closing but they have missed something in their analysis of the latest poll. That is the resurgence of ACT.

In this poll ACT is now polling above Winston First and above United Future. At 2.3% in the poll ACT would bring 3 MP’s to parliament meaning that Sir Roger Douglas will besitting on the gvernment benches.

With National at 50% and ACT at 2.3% that is 52.3% plus United Future and likely the Maori Party. Plenty of support there.