PR disaster as Union suspends employee for political beliefs

ACT candidate suspended from union jobTenth-ranked Act Party list candidate Shawn Tan has been suspended by his employer the Labour-affiliated Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union, after it was revealed at the weekend he was standing for the right-wing party…. [NZ Herald Politics]

The “independent third party” the EPMU has shot themselves in the foot big time and it is Andrew Little that has pulled the trigger after intimating that it is Shawn Tan’s politics that have caused his downfall.

Mr Little said most requests were dealt with on the basis of workload, but in the case if someone standing for ACT, which held positions counter to the union’s core beliefs, the choice of party could be an additional factor.

That was because the union needed to decide whether it was going to give Mr Tan time off from his job to campaign for ideas it disagreed with.

So Andrew Little makes it clear, if you work for the EPMU the law doesn’t apply in that if they think that you are going to campaign for policies or parties that they don’t believe in then they can have you suspended at the least or sacked at the worst.

It is clear that the EPMU is discriminating on the basis of Mr Tan’s purported political beliefs, despite the fact that Shawn Tan has a history of advocacy for Green and Union policies. Because he has joined ACT and now been selected as a candidate he is being pilloried for that association.

This is nothing less than disgusting bully-boy behaviour on the part of the Labour supporting union the EPMU. Further it is illegal, but since when has that stopped Labour or the EPMU in the past.

It is clear now why the EPMU supported the Electoral Finance Act, they want that to be the first step in silencing the critics of their chosen political party, now they have gone the next step and started purging those of impure allegiance from their employee ranks.

Can you imagine the fuss that they would make if Don Pryde’s employer suspended him if he had won the candidacy in Dunedin South? The wailing and gnashing of teeth would have beggared belief. It seems that fairness and honesty and integrity in the workplace are only for Employers other than the EPMU. Personal denigration and vilification on the basis of political beliefs are now de rigeur at the EPMU and Labour Party.


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