Quote of the Day – Gerry Brownlee

Gerry Brownlee is regularly getting the better of normally competent Labour Ministers with his constant accurate points of order.

Hon TREVOR MALLARD: I spent lunchtime today at the Hutt railway workshop. That workshop is a clear example that this Government buys assets, and does not sell them in the way that Bill English wants to do.

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. I wonder whether the Minister might confirm that that was a job interview.

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, Member of Parliament of no fixed abode also copped a flogging from the Speaker today, clearly she was prodded into dealing with the debacle that the house has become. Normally he raises points of order about how members raise questions and again it was Gerry Brownlee that frustrated the fool.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: With respect to the variable statements on Kiwibank, has the Government received any reports-

Gerry Brownlee: I raise a point of order, Madam Speaker. Firstly, you might like to consider whether the Minister is aware of what the nature of the question initially was. Secondly, he of all people should know that that is not the way to start asking a question in this House.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: How many times are you prepared to put up with this buffoon making pointless points of order?

Madam SPEAKER: This is question time, not statement time. Would members please note that, so that everyone asks a question.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: Having regard to the variable statements on savings-

Madam SPEAKER: No, I am sorry; please be seated. Start with a question, not a statement. “Having regard” is a statement. Just ask the question, please.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: I have no difficulty in doing that by just rearranging the words to say, on savings and the Kiwibank-

Madam SPEAKER: No, no, please be seated. You are not turning today into a circus. Please be seated. Now if the member does not ask his question, I will be asking him to leave the House. He knows how to ask a question; he should just ask it.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: With respect, Madam Speaker, I am entitled to at least point to the subject I am about to ask my question on.

Madam SPEAKER: Please be seated. The member knows that you ask a question. That question can, of course, contain that which you wish to know in terms of an answer, but you start with a question. We have had this out in this House many times before.

Rt Hon Winston Peters: What, where, when, why, and how did the Government learn of variable statements on Kiwibank and savings, and has the Government ever received reports that would suggest that one deputy leader is undermining his leader in the way that happened to Muldoon and Marshall many years ago?

Heh, Gerry is showing the way.





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