Secret tape saga rolls on

The secret tape saga has gained new momentum today. WOBH has obtained tapes of a senior political figure who played a key role in rejuvenating his party and returning it electoral viability talking about political tactics.

X: “all of the information that you glean through research, through polling, through focus group testing, that informs your policy … [You are] going out, talking to the electorate about their wants and needs and using that to inform … policy. So it’s become a critical component in the manifestos and the policies .. [offered] at election time

Y: “So that translates to campaigning directly?”

X: “That’s right”

“[Election campaigns] have now become all about organisation and discipline and control and style … there’s a very clear script written in advance and all the main players stick to it with some rigor.”

What’s even more worrying is that the source is one that has for years been associated with the party in question. It sounds like this person is outlining that his party uses all of the same Crosby|Textor tricks the ninth floor staffers at the Stranded have been ordered to attack. 

So folks, who has been caught out on tape admitting to using the Crosby|Textor playbook?


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