Sonny Thomas

A simple lesson for the ugliest gay man in the world, Sonny P Thomas. Don’t take on a blogger.


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  • Glutaemus Maximus

    He found a new machine at the Gym.

    Trouble was after half an hours intensive use, he got sick.

    Mind you.

    The machine had been full of moro bars, crunchies, coke, l&p, chips, lollies, Mars bars

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    I actually have had my ‘automatic retch response’ turned off.

    Would have barffed all over my laptop!!!!

  • Brian Smaller

    This is the guy that threatened to beat you up isn’t it Whale? I think when he said he wanted to knock you down what he meant was that he wanted to go down on you.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Starting to get those billious, and nauseus waves working on me again.

    My laptop is a gorgeous Apple Air.

    What a calamity that would be!

  • Chris R

    If that quasi human is the best Liarbour have on offer then they are truly a spent force. Are you able to plaster this across the Standard?

  • Spanishbride

    I just don’t get why people think that it is cool to post photos of themselves drunk and disgusting on their profiles?

    I know that teenagers think that it is grown up to be drunk and stupid but now that I AM ,all grown up I just think that they look drunk and stupid!

    The photo of the 3 guys, I do hope it was just a joke where they posed for the camera and it didn’t end up in a Sunny sandwich.

  • Inventory2

    Please remove these phots Cam – I know you are doing a public service, but they are making me feel quite ill!

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Please Whale, do the decent thing!

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    The first piccie, where he looks to be licking a lollie or ice cream is the worst!!!

  • nigel201065

    Please Whale keep them up I forgot to bring my lunch today. This is helping me get over the hunger pains, cause every time my tummy rumbles I look at this and hay presto its gone, the only down side is if I look to many times I’m going to lose what’s left of my breakfast

  • pdq

    If this the Young Labour branch of the New Zealand Labour Party, please keep them away from our schools and universities. What a disgrace. To think that person was “protesting” outside a meeting of a political party that has values and a sense of pride … shame on you Sonny, you fat tub of lard. Oh, and go anywhere near my son again phyically, spouting Labour Party crap and you will have a complaint laid against you. Got it?!