The Curse Strikes again

Member of PM’s tramping party deadA member of Prime Minister Helen Clark’s tramping party is understood to have died at Lake Tekapo in the central South Island tonight. [3 News Politics]

The curse of Helen Clark has struck again and this time with fatal consequences. A member of her tramping party has croaked. So far the curse has nobbled John Howard, Gordon Brown, Team New Zealand, The All Blacks (several times), The Silver Ferns and Shania Twain’s marriage. Now the curse has taken a sinister new twist.

Reports have it that Clark herself tried to resucitate the victim. Holy Fuck! If she tried to resusitate me I’d want to die.


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  • Harpoon

    Cameron, shame on you.

    A good man is dead. There are heartbroken family and friends.

    And you take the piss.


  • michaels

    Fuck off Harp-On

  • Harpoon

    [quote=michaels]Fuck off Harp-On[/quote]

    How old are you, boy? 14?

  • michaels

    18 and I see straight through you fuck wit!!!

  • Harpoon

    Oh. 18 eh? So you’ve just been extruded like a steaming slurry from the education system. You think you can have an effect on the world and on people like me by making posts like that? Pathetic. you have totally failed to develop a decent vocabulary, or foster the acquisition of knowledge, or evolve anything resembling an understanding of argument or logic or wit. Go to bed, pipsqueak.

  • OECD rank 22 kiwi

    David is having a censors fit over at Kiwiblog on this topic. He wants us to treat Hels with respect and dignity because someone died in close proximity to her person. As if! Good to see that over here on Whaleoil you have a free, open and honest approach on the incident near Lake Tekapo.

    Much appreciated. Thanks.

  • OECD rank 22 kiwi

    For the record, here is the comment I made over on Kiwiblog that David saw fit to delete. Brace yourselves and prepare to sick up in your mouths, such is the earth shattering vileness of my comment:

    “My thoughts on this situation are that the 9th floor are going to try and spin this as Hels the Hero. Any news story involving Helen Clark is political. Sure, she will be booted out of office in less than ninety days but while she is still in office she continues to do damage to New Zealand.

    Hero of what exactly? I’m sure everyone in the party would have been involved in the resuscitating effort (No doubt chest compressions). End of the day, if the heart stops and there is no defibrillator around then the person is going to die. The resuscitation effort is just going through the motions (i.e. somebody do something).

    The death is somewhat sad (Points off for mentoring Hels) which is in marked contrast to the joyous celebrations if it was Hels that had died at the incident near Lake Tekapo.

    One day, one day…”

    Was that out of order Whaleoil?
    Thumbs up or thumbs down?

  • Keith

    A toxic cow is still a toxic cow, now matter how many people drop dead around her.

  • Keith

    “no” matter, that is.

  • vogan

    Yes I got zapped by Farrar for suggesting she will try and spin this as she did Sir Ed’s funeral. I just wonder whether Farrar thinks politics is like the classromm. Further his glorying of excessive drinking suggests strongly to me that Farrar is still a child in many ways despite running a very successful blog. But you more liberal policies will soon take over……………

  • Chris R

    It is tragic that Helen’s guide and friend has died. But do not forget the callous disregard Helen exhibited as she sped through the same province from Waimate a few years ago. Anyway, I’d have heart failure if I were to encounter a beast of Yeti like features in the Alps!

  • consumist

    C’mon Whale, we all know really the idea of having a bit of CPR with Auntie Helen makes you feel, well, kinda hot. Search your feelings Whale, and you know it to be true, come over to the Dark Side Whale…. hahahahahahahahaaaaaa.
    It is entirely possible he actually died because a certain person attempted CPR when he didn’t require it… we need a commission of enquiry to root (whoops sorry) out the facts.

  • OECD rank 22 kiwi

    I am correct in my thinking that the day Helen Clark dies will be one for much celebration, not tears?

    How many deaths is she responsible for with her odious and disastrous economic policies that she has been pursuing relentlessly for the last nine years.? She is guilt of pure economic sabotage the likes of like of which anyone found guilt of conducting this during WW2 would be classed a traitor and shot.

    She is pure, unfiltered evil, concentrated.

    You don’t placate evil, YOU DESTROY IT!

  • OECD rank 22 kiwi

    Has David Farrar finally seen the light and taken a chill pill on this topic?:
    Death reported

    A rather hot headed initial response from David. More in character with Russell Brown’s style of heavy censorship or Iprent at the VDS. David appears to have cooled down over time, no doubt realising that the Earth hasn’t stopped rotating on its axis. National is still heading for government on 8 November. Good to see there are still some free thinkers in New Zealand. The mass exodus of talent hasn’t permanently affected the quality of rational open thought(Just severely limited the quantity of it).

    So check out the link to follow David’s HYPOCRISY on this issue. Hate to think what his reaction will be on 9 November when commenters put their true thoughts about what they think of Clark being unceremoniously booted from office.

    My guess is that the commenters will favour a word begining with the letter B.