What does Queen Bee know?

There is an intriguing little post on The Hive today from Queen Bee. It is short so I will post it here as well. I wonder, just exactly what Queen Bee knows? and Will Helen Clark rue denying she knew anything about it?

Watergate was one of the formative political experiences of Queen Bee’s youth. Remember what happened to the US President who authorised the burglary and attempted bugging of the opposition headquarters?

Nixon, of course, wanted to win an election at all costs. This impulse caused him to make the poor judgement call to allow the dirty tricks campaign which included the break in to proceed.

Clearly we are in “win at all costs” mode in the 2008 election campaign. We do hope that senior people in Labour have not made the same mistake as Richard Nixon. For example, authorising the taping of private conversations, or allowing an employee to attend the National Party conference under cover, or encouraging an Party supporter to perform this role, or to fund the purchase or rental of the equipment used to obtain these tapes.

Of course, there is the still unresolved matter of the e-mails that have either been stolen or intercepted.

Involvement in anyway would, we think, lead to the end of a political career.

Very interesting don’t you think?

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  • Harpoon

    No evidence of Labour involvement. none at all. Finger-pointing doesn’t cut it.

    Secondly, QB is juxtaposing apples and oranges. Burglary is illegal. But according to barrister Steven Price, taping a question to which one is a party is not illegal (that’s why journalists get away with taping conversations all the time; they do not have to ask permission). Neither is taping a conversation in a public situation where it is reasonable to assume that parties to a conversation can be overheard.

    Finally, the issue is not the taping; the issue is that the nats are saying one thing to encourage ‘the punters’ to gamble on National, whiclst the leadership have no belief whatsoever in the policies they say they will be supportive of. Cam, I challenge you to say “yes’ without snickering.

  • emmess

    >>No evidence of Labour involvement. none at all. Finger-pointing doesn’t cut it.

    Crap – at this stage there is at least as much evidence National knew what the brethren were up to. And a shit load more to come I suspect. And I don’t recall the left or the media ever saying the bigger issue was the allegations not the tactics (iilegal in this case not in the case of th EB)

  • Whaleoil

    That’d be Steven Price, Barrister who had his arse handed back to him by Whaleoil.

    Like I’m going to take advice from a numpty half-arsed lawyer like him.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    So if taping without any theft is OK?

    Imagine organising a drugs and bugs raid on a well known MP.

    Microphone under the bed, and various drugs stashed in random places.

    That would be OK, according to my Internet Barrister from Nigeria. Sounds fine!

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    So if Steve Price says it is OK to commit any contemptable recording without permission, it must be the Law then!

    Privacy means nothing in Helengrad, or Clark Stadt

    All I know is that the Courts decide, and Lawyers, Solicitors, Barrister, Para-Legals, and Barrack Room types can only offer opinion.

    Clever how Labour got rid of the Privy Council.

    Police on board, MI on board, and soon the Judiciary.

    Only the Forces to go.

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    More Lawyers in Prison than Car Dealers

    In the Western World, there is a very high incidence of Lawyer abuse of Client Funds, Trust Funds, and any other pot of money that becomes able to be manipulated.


    And he was, wait for it a, Barrister !!!

    Whoo! Hooo!

    National StoryRSSFacebookMyspace
    Lawyer jailed for stealing from elderly widow
    2:01PM Thursday August 07, 2008
    A lawyer who took $83,700 from an elderly widow’s trust account, was jailed for 10 months today.

    The sentence was handed down to Leuatea Peseta Iosefa in the Christchurch District Court this morning.

    An appeal was immediately signalled to the judge on his decision not to grant home detention, by defence counsel Richard Raymond.

    Judge Kevin Phillips agreed to hear a bail application tomorrow pending the appeal. If crown prosecutor Chris McVeigh opposed bail being granted, he would hear the arguments next week.

    The court was told that Iosefa, a barrister in Christchurch for many years, had financial difficulties after the death of his mother, the construction of a family home, and an Inland Revenue bankruptcy notice in 1999. He lost the home in a mortgagee sale and his business was in financial trouble.

    Mr Raymond described him as a desperate and proud man in a desperate financial situation, who could not borrow money from his family. He took the money over six months in eight transactions.