September 2008

Anderton is an arse

Since being referred to the Police twice for breaking a law that he himself voted for and defended on countless occasions, check out Jim Anderton’s new disclaimer.

Anderton is an arse

Oh yes that’s right Jim, I had almost forgotten your arrogance from the Alliance days. The Electoral Commission and other authorities (you know, the people charged with upholding your shitty law) are “confused”, and you are right.

My god, what a prick.

At long last

Editorial: Overdue, but tax cuts timelyWhen an initiative is an inordinate time in the making, there is usually a muted reception. Two cheers, then, for the Labour Party’s long-awaited tax cuts, which take effect today. At very nearly the conclusion of three terms in government… [NZ Herald Politics]

Today is the day that Michael Cullen will go off and quietly drown himself. He surely must if is true to his beliefs.

Make no mistake, Labour doesn’t want you to have tax cuts, Michael Cullen especially doesn’t want you to have tax cuts, and there is no guarantee that if re-elected he won’t renege. He has already done that once.

But how far is your tax cut going to go?

Not far. Power prices look set to increase 12% for many customers next month. This comes on top of a 48% increase in domestic prices over the last five years. Fuel prices alone rose 28 per cent in the year to July.

So you taxcut will get you a block of cheese, or a quarter a tank of gas, but more likely it will get you nothing of the sort as the financial catastrophe that Michael Cullen said would never hurt New Zealand is set to increase your mortgage rates or rent.

You can’t trust Michael Cullen with the economy, the only thing you can trust him to do is renege on tax cuts.

Yep, Emmerson delivers again

MWT works out what Labour’s sudden enthusiasm for cracking down on gangs is all about. Cynical politics is what…..After nine long years of Hard Labour and with the government ignoring the referendum on tougher sentences all of a sudden we get Phil Goff and Annette “Full moon” King playing with the worry beads over gangs.

The two gangs that have coerced and terrorised the public are aptly summed up ny Emmerson.

Two Gangs of New Zealand

John Armstrong : Canny leaders right to skip TV debate

John Armstrong : Canny leaders right to skip TV debateMuch pious-sounding claptrap has been voiced about Helen Clark and John Key’s pact not to take part in televised leaders’ debates with their counterparts from minor parties, most of this self-serving cant coming from the minor parties… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong’s first paragraph is a goodie;

Much pious-sounding claptrap has been voiced about Helen Clark and John Key’s pact not to take part in televised leaders’ debates with their counterparts from minor parties, most of this self-serving cant coming from the minor parties themselves.

He is exactly right. But the more important question is why did Clark lie about the decision? Matthew Hooton, obviously due to his close blogging proximity to Chris “honorable corruption” Trotter, thinks it is OK for a Prime Minister to lie. I don’t.

Remember this election is about trust and Helen Clark lied. She lied on national television, she lied to the people of ew Zealand because she didn’t want it known that it was her who organised the Key/Clark only debate at the expense of the minor parties.

McCain whacks Obama on Fannie/Freddie

McCain ad that shows where the blame lies for the current financial crisis and in particular the bailout required by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.


25 July 2008 – Dominion Post – He has assured me he has done nothing illegal, says Clark

On Sunday, Mr Peters was told through a spokesman that The Dominion Post had information about a trust run by his brother Wayne and that the trust sometimes paid NZ First bills.

“That is a lie,” Mr Peters said.


Ballsy call

Yeehaa! Andy Moore is exhibiting some giant sized balls and really sticking pins in the Government’s eyes. Check out this Facebook message from my newsfeed.

Don't Vote labour

This is news how?

Progressives release party listThe Progressive Party will stand 27 candidates at this year’s election. Leader Jim Anderton who holds the safe seat of Wigram is in the top spot, while former MP Matt Robson is second. The Progressives registered 1.16 per cent… [NZ Herald Politics]

I simple fail to understand why this bunch of un-reconstituted commies even bother to have a list longer than one name, but 27!!!!

Hardly newsworthy unless for the ridicule factor.


Being green has a price attached—-give up your job

Eric Roy is a complete numpty but in doing a silly stunt about making his campaign carbon neutral he has outed a Green candidate as an even bigger fool.

Invercargill’s Green Party candidate Craig Carson applauded Mr Roy’s attempt to go carbon neutral.

“I think it’s great that he’s doing it. How well it works or not I’m not sure.” Mr Carson said that because he worked fulltime and had limited resources, he was not able to follow suit.

Ok so lets get this straight…..So being green is for the unemployed and rich according to the Green Party?

Does that mean that every employed person is exempt?

Fantastic news, glad that’s all been cleared up then.

It was Clark's idea

Helen Clark has been caught lying again. In this election that she has decided will be fought on trust she fair and square lied to us all in declaring that the decision for a Key/Clark debate was made at “chief of staff” level.

Now TV3 has come out and told us whose idea it really was. It was Clark’s.

The woman simply can’t be trusted to lie straight in bed. She not only supports a pathological liar in Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode but her narcissism is showing all of its ugly side.

She tried to lay the blame on her Chief of Staff, Heather Simpson, for a decision  which was always hers.

Helenm Clark is a two bit liar and can not be trusted. The mendacity of the woman know no bounds.