A Starry, Starry night and Devonport Wharf?

There are bizarre twitterrings emanating from WOBH’s deep Beehive and Mfat sources. So far we have “Starry, Starry, Night” and today I have been told “Devonport Wharf”.

Can anyone decipher the emerging riddle?

Devonport Wharf, Auckland


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  • Lindsay

    Had a thought but it’s rather idiotic.

    Are Goff and friends (assuming he has some) going to abandon Labour?

  • Stroke That Ego

    Surely not on the wharf….

    I struggled to eat me tea last night thinking of it….

    the real problem here is that i’ve had many “encounters” on the devo wharf….surely not with her/it though…

  • Patrick Starr

    Goff’s rides a ferry – or Goff is a fairy

  • Dave

    So will tomorrows clue be “rolling on the river” by some sort of “revival”?

  • Zutroy

    Nah, nothing to do with Goff. He’s not that interesting.

    Devonport Ferry and a starry night. Sounds romantic, were it not for all this politics and bloodsport.

  • JC

    “Goff’s rides a ferry – or Goff is a fairy”

    Hmm, Fairy terminal or terminal Fairy?


  • Spanishbride

    Love is in the air…….

    free love in the 70’s ?

    A Politicians romantic past.

  • michaels

    So SB…. You aren’t saying Chairman Klark and ??????? have a love child?

  • dad4justice

    Klark’s love child sits in a cage in a zoo.

  • michaels

    D4J you silly silly man….
    Animals in the zoo are cute!!!