Clark finally concocts Las Vegas answers

She took her time but we have finally got some answers to Rodney’s questions about Winston’s junket to the money laundering capital of the world Las Vegas.

Question: What was the Minister’s itinerary and what was the cost broken down by flights and accommodation and other expenses for his trip to Europe in April and May last year for the Anzac Day commemorations and European Union Business as described in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 and what were the places visited each day?

Minister: Rt Hon Helen Clark

Date Lodged:15/09/2008

Answer Text: An itinerary for the travel is attached. Airfares for the Minister and accompanying party were $57,357 and other costs, including accommodation, were $36,656.70.

Question: Did the Minister pay directly for his flight from Berlin to Las Vegas for the Oscar de la Hoya vs. Floyd Mayweather fight and then to return to his official itinerary as described in the Herald on Sunday 14 September 2008 or did he reimburse either Ministerial Travel or Foreign Affairs; if so, when was the reimbursement made?

Minister: Rt Hon Helen Clark

Date Lodged:15/09/2008

Answer Text: I am advised that no reimbursement was made to Ministerial Services nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as neither agency paid for the flights referred to.

Oh dear, but Winston has said to reporters that he repaid it, looks like another pork pie from Winston Raymond peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode. Questions still remain over who actually did pay for his junket. We now know it wasn’t Winston.

Question: Did the Rt Hon Winston Peters upon appointment as a Minister out the worksheet of questions about financial interests as set out in clause 2.58(a) of the Cabinet Manual, and if not, why not?

Minister: Rt Hon Helen Clark

Date Lodged:03/09/2008

Answer Text: Mr Peters was appointed in October 2005. Following his appointment Mr Peters, like the other new Ministers, met with the former Secretary of the Cabinet to discuss his financial interests.

The worksheet referred to in paragraph 2.58(a) of the Cabinet Manual 2008 was developed following the establishment of the revised Ministers’ interests regime in December 2006. In accordance with the regime, all Ministers received the worksheet in June 2007 and May 2008. It was also provided on appointment to all Ministers appointed since the regime was established.

All Ministers then returned an acknowledgement form stating that they had considered their personal interests in light of their ministerial responsibilities, and had sought advice where they identified any potential conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest.

Oh dear! Will the man ever stop lying.