Clark's narcissism reaching dangerous levels

The SFO rejects PM Helen Clark’s accusation it leaked info to NatThe Serious Fraud Office rejects Prime Minister Helen Clark’s accusation it leaked information to the National Party [TVNZ News Politics]

Helen Clark’s narcissim is getting out of control.

After both John Key and the Serious Fraud Office refuted her scurrilous allegations and slurs this morning she has now cast aspersions and slurred both the Police and Crown Law.

This is classic Narcissitic Personality Disorder – Projecting faults on to others. High blaming behavior; never her fault and little if any conscience.

Who will she smear next?


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  • michaels

    Now there’s a point Glutaemus, Chairman Clark may be doing a bit of a Mugabe maybe.

  • Dogmelon

    As each day passes is looks more and more likely that my years of banging on about clark being sick in the head and canceling the election are going to become reality. Why they hell doesn’t the media just turn feral on this mad (wo)man. Hound the nutcase out of government, out of parliament, and out of our lives. GO!

  • Glutaemus Maximus

    Come on folks, I only got to 8.

    What other probable causes could there possibly be?

    We are getting hung up on No. 8 here. And it’s not wire.

    If she does try a Mugabe, then watch the sparks fly!

    I can just see Clark and Cullen using one of those manual inspection bogeys on their newly

    acquired trainset, (you know the one with the see-saw action, as in the pre talkies)

    Trying as hard as they can to escape the US/AUS expeditionary patrols

  • pdq

    I see the aided and abetted spin by One News is that the SFO has leaked to save their skin under a new National Government. Sorry Helen, the SFO and Liddell in particular are not that stupid. These are hounarable people who would not stoop to Labour’s level to engrace favours from the next Government. The next Government would boot them out if they did. Labour ought not judge others by its own standards, those standards just make every one else look pathetic.