First-past-the-post tops poll

First-past-the-post tops pollFirst-past-the-post would win by a nose over MMP if there was a contest between the two systems today. A Herald -DigiPoll survey asked respondents which of FPP, MMP or “something else” they would choose if there was a referendum… [NZ Herald Politics]

The shenanigins of Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List Mp of no fixed abode and proven liar may have finally dealt a death blow to MMP. The Herald reports that people are now considering a return to First Past the Post rather than have government dictated to by poodle parties.

That is a shame because I don’t want a return to FPP, rather I would like to see a more refined approach to proportional representation. I preferred STV in the first referendum.

Nevertheless only a party vote for ACT or National can guarantee you a referendum on our polling system as they are the only parties promising the people a direct say on how we vote.