Labour Hangs Minister Out To Dry with dirty tricks

Worried by increasingly poor perfomance of the Labour First Axis in the polls the Labour Party has been forced to resort to increasingly dirty tricks.
I am now able to reveal the depths that Labour are prepared to go to, and the risks they are prepared to stoop to, including being prepered to set rumours off about one of their own Minsiters. Rumours that Labour know will start circulating around the media, thus dragging the reputation of that Minister, known to have a very complicated personal life, further into the dirt. And it is no coincidence that the Lesbian sisterhood have chosen to smear the name of one of the few actively heterosexual male Labour Ministers left.

Whaleoil was sent the following message:

Hi Whaleoil,
I have a story you might be interested in featuring on your blog. It relates to Labour MP Damien O’Connor and an incident he was involved in in Westport in November of last year. This incident is fairly well known of in Westport so you might have heard of it already. I’d like to keep my name and my husbands name out of this which is why I’m contacting you.
I am a former police officer who worked in the Tasman District until last year. My husband is also a police officer currently serving on the West Coast and he has knowledge of a complaint that was made to the Tasman District police station on Monday 5th May relating to an incident that took place in the early morning hours of Thursday the 24th of April 2007. The complaint was that Damien O’Connor sexually assaulted a woman he met at the Denniston Dog Cafe & Bar in Westport. The woman was interviewed by Detective Inspector John Winter who found the allegations plausible and decided there were grounds for an investigation into Mr O’Connor for the offense of rape. Alcohol was said to be involved in the incident.
Central to this is that the investigating officer contacted O’Connor after the complaint was made and he denied the allegations and claimed they had consensual sex. After contacting O’Connor the Tasman District Commander Grant O’Fee was phoned up by Deputy Police Commissioner Lynn Provost and reprimanded for not alerting police headquarters before calling O’Connor.
Moreover the Deputy Commissioner demanded details of the complaint from O’Fee, including the name and contact details of the complainant and these were provided to her. Evidently this had some effect, since two days later the woman who made the complaint called the investigating officer and told her she would not press charges.
Routinely in such circumstances it is usual for the investigation to continue and for the investigating officer to press charges if they feel it is in the public interest to do so. Obviously that did not happen in this case. Now usually there is a lot of gossip about cases amoungst police officers but nobody is talking about this one. So it is my impression that the District Commander was influenced by Police Headquarters in Wellington not to follow up the case. Like many who heard about this I also feel that the complainant was pressured to withdraw the charges, although I have no proof of this.
At no time were myself or my husband directly involved in the investigation and we do not know the name of the woman who made the initial complaint. This case is an open secret on the West Coast, so your contacts might be able to provide you with furthur information.
Exceptional circumstances have forced me into this position and although I am not a supporter of Damien O’Connor or the Labour Party I am not political. Recently my husband has been reading your web blog and suggested that I send this email to you. It is my concern is that our role as police officers is to protect the public. Sadly in this instance I feel that the police have failed to do this. A failure of leadership is the most generous explanation. Corruption, the worst.
Under the circumstances I’d appeciate it if you didn’t publish any of the identifying information in the second paragraph of this e-mail but feel free to pass on any of the additional information to whoever you see fit, or to publish it on your blog. Needless to say if you discover the name of the women who was assaulted I’d appreciate it if you could respect her privacy unless she consents to have her name published.


This was clearly a hoax. Even a different type face was included – suggesting two authors. But with the agreement of some fellow bloggers we agreed to play along.There were glaring inconsistencies in the story not the least being the incorrect dates used for the alleged incident. The other interesting thing is that no-one including the many media that contacted WOBH, were surprised by the allegation! What does that say about O’Connor’s reputation?

Aside from anything else we thought we might learn more about Labour First underhand tactics and by playing along we knew that several people in the Labour party reserch unit and members of the PMs office would be tied up in monitoring the hoax. We then involved key media contacts to spread the message that a Labour misinformation programme is at hand.

We are frankly shocked that Helen Clark and team would be prepared to put about a false story that Damien OÇonnor was involved in a rape and that the Police National HQ were involved in a cover up. This continues to show the contempt in which Labour First hold the police.

Members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy have had fun and thank Labour for this attempt. But it was pretty amateur. Try harder next time girls.


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