Police to investigate NZ First

It is official, the Police are now investigating New Zealand First and their undeclared donations after ACT’s Rodney Hide laid complaints with them.

I wonder if Clark’s Himmler will be instructed to clap irons on Winston Raymond Peter’s, 63, List MP of no fixed abode.

WRP, 63, LMPONFA should be very, very nervous and if he isn’t then certainly several party officials including Dail Jones, George Groombridge and Nick Kosoof.

Soap on Rope for WRP, 63, LMPONFA for Christmas.


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  • michaels

    Clark on the news…..
    Party leaders don’t run head office. (talking about NZF of course)

    She obviously doesn’t understand how NZF works then does she.
    It’s all about Winson Helen, but you know that anyway. Just yet another lie from you.

    I’m just starting to think that Winston knows something that she doesn’t want out….
    Wonder what it may be………

  • Inventory2

    OK – so if party leaders don’t run head office….why did Mike Williams TWICE offer his resignation as NZLP President to the Party Leader?

  • michaels

    Quite right Invent and why did NZF have to wait for Winston to sign off the return?

  • michaels

    But liars do seem to flock together.

  • dad4justice

    Winston has a dark sordid secret about Helen. Please Winston don’t hold back and sink the witch for once and all. Go on dare you too!