TVNZ are c**ts

Am I the only person wondering why TV One did not apologise for or at least correct their mistakes made in the “breaking news” on John Key’s shares.

I distinctly remember the graphics that had “The Trust x amount of Votes” juxtapositioned beside “John Key x amount of votes”. They went on about John Key buying the votes in his own name. They said that he lost money on this second lot of shares in his own name but had doubled his money on the share sale in the Trusts’ name.

According to Larry Williams on Newstalk ZB yesterday, he had copies of the share certificiates and none of them were in John Key’s name. They were all in the Trust’s name. Also the dates used by TVNZ were also wrong according to the documents.

What I’m banging on about is Fran Mold not doing her homework, (just getting all her stories from Cullen and the lickspittles in the Labour Research Unit in between blogging on the lap-blog) and TV One are not saying one thing about the mistakes in their bulletin.

Then there was Paul Henry who acted like a real pig on the morning programme today, patronisingly telling Key how should be doing it, as if Henry would know how to do it if he were leading the opposition. (He couldn’t even win a seat for National against a half man/half woman). I have nver seen him treat Helen Clark that way.

If I was John Key I’d have a 90 day plan to sell those fuckers down the road to the highest bidder.

Ok rant over. back to slamming pinko’s


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