Viva Las Vegas

Hide and Peters box cleverWinston Peters and Rodney Hide are embroiled in a new slugfest – this time over who paid for a trip that the Foreign Affairs Minister made to a glitzy world-title boxing fight in Las Vegas. Act leader Rodney Hide has raised what… [NZ Herald Politics]

It seems that the blogs were extremely well informed.

From the HoS article this morning it seems that the answers to my questions are as follows;

  1. How much is an airfare between Berlin and Las Vegas? $10,000 + or – $5000
  2. Who paid for it? Probably Mfat
  3. When was that paid back? Show us the receipts Winston
  4. Since when did Mfat have diplomatic missions in Las Vegas anyway? They don’t, it was a personal jaunt
  5. How much is a night at the MGM Grand? Between US$499 and US$1500
  6. Who paid for that? Possibly George Calvert but he is laying low in Fiji.
  7. How much were the tickets at the boxing match? $100 – $2500
  8. Who paid for that? Possibly George Calvert but he is laying low in Fiji.
  9. What on earth does a Christchurch cleaner know about all of this? Quite a lot but he won’t talk.
  10. Why is he hiding in Fiji? Everyone associated with Winston is lying low right now.
  11. Did he really get paid back immediately? Well, Winston says so and we all know we can take his word for it don’t we.
  12. Why does racing, boxing, rugby league and fishing always come up? Strange isn’t it?
  13. Who played golf at Titirangi on 2/07/2006?
  14. Which Mfat diplomatic members play golf?
  15. Did an Allblack great overhear the post match conversation?
  16. Is this the reason why Helen won’t/can’t sack Winston?
  17. Where will the documents be to counter these rather puzzling questions? Exactly, I wonder where the documents are? Should be rather straight forward to clear up, probably only take about three minutes.

It seems that there may be rather more undeclared donations and pecuniary interest in the murky and sordib life of Winston Raymond Peters, 63 List MP of no fixed abode. Of course Winston could clear all this up in about three minutes if would just show us the receipts from the repayments dated immediately after the trip.

I suppose then, that if other documents surfaced that showed the repayments were a couple of weeks ago then that would look really rather suspiscious wouldn’t it?


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