October 2008

She's toast

Now this is fundraising and outside the square thinking that I can support.

Go and bid hard and support the Avonhead Venturer unit. The only problem I can see is that they may have fallen foul of the Electoral Finance Act as the picture may be considered an election advertisement and isn’t authorised.

She's Toast

As usual the coments section is brilliant.

Toast Comments

Daft statement of the campaign

National has a poofter for a leader.

Christ only knows what they think of Hetero Helen.



The Standard starts its tantrums

The Labour party lap-blog The Standard starts its tantrums in the face of Labour’s impending defeat.

They’re blaming the Herald for Labour’s polling, or rather, failure to scrutinise National’s policies.

“A week out from the election, Granny Herald has still yet to do any proper coverage of the effects on individuals and the economy of National’s four flagship policies: privatising ACC, gutting Kiwisaver, reducing work rights, and weakening the RMA and ETS.”

Well, let’s look at it without blinkers on.

– National isn’t privatising ACC. It’s introducing competition, a completely different thing altogether.

– Kiwisaver. Of course, that’s rot as well. National is allowing people to reduce the amount they put in. That’s hardly gutting Kiwisaver, because people are still free to contribute more if they want to.

– Workplace law. National are giving incentives to employers to try staff. If someone is fucking up in their job in the first 90 days, it’s probably s good thing for them to move on anyway.

– Reforms to the RMA and ditching the ETS. Perhaps the appropriate response is hallelujah and about time!

In the end, Labour have only itself to blame for it’s media coverage. It’s Electoral Finance Act, coupled with it’s appalling behaviour and condoning of appalling behaviour, means that this election is being contested on the theme Labour wants, though for all the reasons Labour wouldn’t want.

This election is about trust, and the media don’t trust Labour First anymore.

The DomPost Editorial is a pearler

Here is the DomPost Editorial today, the best bit is in bold;

At the Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions a swarthy, middle-aged man is hunched over a desk working his way through an enormous stack of documents, The Dominion Post writes

In Wellington a pile of documents is dropped in a Dominion Post reporter’s letterbox wrapped in a copy of the Otago Daily Times. Further documents follow, delivered by someone who calls himself Batman.

The script for an antipodean John le Carre-style thriller? Sadly no.

Le Carre would have approved of “Batman”. It’s a nice touch, hinting at a sense of self-deprecation on the part of the document dropper, but if Le Carre had been writing the script, the man poring over court records in Melbourne would have been a Russian emigre with a limp, not Labour Party president Mike Williams, and the drop would have been wrapped in the Times Literary Supplement, not the ODT.

Mr Williams’ inquiries and the mysterious letterbox drops were part of a much more prosaic affair – an attempt to link former currency trader, and National Party leader, John Key to a notorious currency deal that landed 1980s sharemarket high-flier Allan Hawkins in jail. Mr Key once worked for the finance company that handled the transaction.

Unfortunately for Labour’s apparatchiks, the signature on the critical document that got them excited was not his, but that of a former Australian colleague who signed his name with a similar flourish.

However, two critical facts have been uncovered by document searches in Melbourne. In an interview last year, Mr Key wrongly stated that he left Elders Merchant Finance a year earlier than he did in 1988 and he wrongly stated that he paid for a 1988 lunch that Australian court documents show was actually paid for by a colleague.

These are matters of grave import that go to the heart of Mr Key’s credibility as a prime ministerial aspirant.

If he cannot be relied upon to remember who paid for the champers with which he and his colleagues toasted his departure 20 years ago, how can he be trusted to run the country? Next thing he’ll be claiming he was unaware the crown limo in which he was being ferried from one place to another was travelling at twice the speed limit, signing his name to artworks he did not produce, rewriting electoral laws to suit his party or pretending not to notice that a political ally has been misleading the public.

But was it really necessary for Labour’s president to drop everything in the middle of an election campaign and fly to Melbourne to pore over 20-year-old court records?

Labour had every right, and every reason, to check out a tip that Mr Key had behaved improperly in the past. If he had, it was legitimate ammunition to fire during the final days of the election campaign. But by revealing its hand before it had the goods, the party has made itself look desperate. It is a blunder it cannot afford.

It is up against a cynical opponent who will stoop to any level to gain power. Instead of playing by the time-honoured rules of the game and smearing his opponents as viciously as they smear him, Mr Key smiles beatifically and steps daintily around the snares Labour lays in his path. It’s not cricket and it’s not politics, but he’s got Labour rattled.



Batman = Mike Williams

Mike Williams is Batman

The Herald today has outed Mike Williams as “Batman”.

On October 13, an anonymous blogger posted to Labour Party-affiliated website The Standard. The blogger, calling himself Batman, is believed to be a senior official, most likely party president Mike Williams, although he has denied it was him.

“Batman” alleged that he had uncovered a story of “lies, conspiracy, fraud, theft, and a truly good cover up that has stood the test of time – until now.” The blog recounted Key’s firm denial of involvement in the H-Fee when he gave an interview with the Herald’s press gallery last year. It also accused the Herald of failing to dig deeper when it reported on the issue again this year. “Eugene Bingham’s digging has been with a teaspoon,” wrote Batman. “Either Granny Herald’s huge political staff is asleep at the wheel, or this watchdog has turned into a blue-rinsed poodle. Batman charitably favours the former explanation.”

The Standard and all the little “Robins” to Mike Williams Batman are thoroughly discredited.

The funny thing is though that a Mike Williams was actually involved in Batman the animated TV series.


Graft, Corruption and Winston

Winston Raymond Peters, 63, List MP of no fixed abode and proven liar, crook and corrupt politician is once again the headlines and for all the wrong reasons.

Remember my post about the $3 billion tax-avoiders who just so happened to be Winston’s mates involved in the setting up of the “Couch Trust”. Now look at what one of the transcripts provided to Phil Kitchin says;

Some documents have parliamentary letterheads and include notes from a meeting at which Mr Peters said he had saved Vela interests “millions in tax liability”.

Mmmmm…not that is a happy coincidence isn’t it.

Phil Kitchin has plenty more though, that fully exposes WRP, 63, LMPONFAAPL as the corrupt, venal wanker that he is.

There is no way he can weasel out this one. The documents are irrefutable. Not only did Winston demand cash for policy he also wanted a helicopter to swan around in.

At the very least he could claim that the helicopter was to provide a breeze to stop his excessive sweating. Winston, today will be sweating like a rapist with these latest allegations of graft.

Helen would have spat her cornflakes and over-milked tea across the table at Peter after reading these allegations. Helen Clark is donkey deep in this because of her constant defence of Winston and also by enabling the laws and policy concessions bought and paid for by Vela interests.

A face to haunt houses

Helen Clark can haunt houses

It’s official!

Helen Clark has the most horrific face according to an online Herald survey.

Truly a face to haunt houses.

Perhaps that is why Labour have dropped the old crones face from their “Trust” TV ads.

Remember this election is all about Trust.

Trust helen to curdle mothers milk, trust Helen Clark to lie like a flatfish and trust Helen Clark to scare small children.

Where's the Money Peter?

Peter Dunne is yet to pay back the money his party nicked at the last election. He is now just days away from keeping his Revenue minister’s role and sod hasn’t yet paid us back.

If John Key’s ministry is to have any integrity at all then surely he would be insisting that Peter Dunne or United Furure pay back their money before he will issue any ministerial warrant.

As for Winston Raymond Peters, 63 list MP of no fixed abode and proven liar, he still hasn’t paid anything. The prick should be behind bars.

EFA silences debate

Claire Trevett has a useful article about the chilling effect of the Electoral Finance Act on political discourse.

This law thankfully will be gone in just a few weeks.

Labour has underestimated how detested this act has been, they thought they could get away with this egregious assault on freedom of speech and they were so, so wrong.

make the bastards pay Nov. 8

A better video

This is much better footage, it has longer, including slow motion replay!!! Also doesn’t have talking over the top so you can hear the slap on the ground.