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The BlogMobile is now in Napier and getting some sign-writing…..for our benefactor, don’t worry, it is stick on and comes off easily with little effort and leaves no marks.

Last night we attended the Ikaroa-Rawhiti debate between Derek the Fox and Jabba the Maori. It was a great night. It is not often you start and end a political candidates meeting with a prayer but this one did.

It was a good old fashioned candidates debate discussing local issues of great importance. The locals were having none of the platitudes about WFF from Horomia especially when a large proportion of their housing is entirely sub-standard and when the local bus operators have been forced out of business by kneejerk decisions in Wellington.

Listening to Jabba all night was an exercise in frustration. The man quite literally says nothing at all. Oh yes he speaks and words come out but it is all soundbites that roll together to produce something that sounds intelligent but says absolutely nothing.

While we were having drinks afterwards a phone started ringing, it was one in the theatre on the wall. Coincidentally DPF happened to be standing beside it and almost on reflex he reached out and answered it. Turned out some local had left something behind and rang the theatre to see if it was still there. Trusting lot aren’t they in Gisborne.

After the debate we took over one of the local bars with the team from TVNZ7 and Front Page and enjoyed the local hospitality.

Farrar can't resist a ringing phone

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