Helen Clark lies to kiddies

Primary school pupils grill Helen ClarkPrime Minister Helen Clark faced a barrage of tough questions from Owairaka Primary School students this morning. Billed as the Kiddie Conference, the nine, 10 and 11 year-olds from the Prime Minister’s electorate in Mt Albert… [NZ Herald Politics]

Helen Clark has now taken to lying to kids at school and her narcissism and lofty arrogance show through there too.

When asked about proper funding for schools;

Celia asked the Prime Minister if she would give schools more money because “the Government doesn’t give schools a lot of money and that’s why we have to fundraise a lot”.

The Prime Minister replied: “But gala days are fun aren’t they?”

What a complete bitch. Mocking the child for daring to stand up to the witch with a condescending answer that frankly is just plain rude. its a wonder she didn’t steal the lollies from the kids…..oh wait the Greens already did that.


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  • expat

    Yeah Hulun – BEGGING IS FUN.

    You freakin stoopid b’arch.

  • itsatrap

    Owairaka Primary is a decile 2 school.

    I doubt the school is able to raise much money through fundraising.

  • Whaleoil

    yes but gala days are fun aren’t they?

  • soldierblue

    Lurking around primary schools? The bitch must be getting desperate.

  • Dave Strings

    Kiny kids can’t vote, so she treats them this way. Good on her – that should have moved a few parental votes to the right side of the spectrum :-)