Silliness on the hustings

Silliness on the hustingsIt seems the battleground electorate of Auckland Central has the most oddly named candidates in the country. The ACT candidate is Mr Scott Uren. I can only conclude that it must be his party’s tough law and order stance that has… [NZ Herald Politics]

Judith Tizard gets a slap from the HoS about her mad rantings and unintentional abuse of the Green candidate. Clearly “the Tiz” is getting rattled by the enthusiastic and popular National candidate Nikki Kaye.

Fancy having to have your own Mum and Dad ringing people on the beg for support, not to mention roping in every other forlorn losing candidate in Auckland to help save your useless butt. Rather than campaigning in Hunua, Jordan Carter is constantly spotting helping out in Auckland Central in an attempt to shore up the failing support for Tizard and Labour.