Key frustrated by slow pace of progress at APEC

Key frustrated by slow pace of progress at APECPrime Minister John Key has had a rude awakening about the reality of international politics. He is concerned that world leaders have not a strong enough plan to effectively tackle the world’s economic crisis. [3 News Politics]

This is what happens when you get a business person in charge rather than a policy wonk. I agree with John Key, there is no real reason other than bureaucratic pontification for any delays in getting some solutions on the table.

It is rather refreshing to have a doer in charge rather than a talker.

The civil service in Wellington is in for a big shake-up when Key gets going because he simply will not accept weaselly excuses about non-performance. In business you either do or don’t and the “don’ts” or “can’ts” get fired.

Keep it up John. Clear out a few of the “can’ts”.