Movember – 8 days to go

it is 8 days to go till the end of Movember. The blogosphere has so far proven to be a bunch of slackers at either joining in, or raising funds.

Busted Blonde has contributed, surely there are others out there that can too. It is simple, just click the link, donate with your credit card and feel better about yourself for helping the fight against Depression and prostate Cancer.

On that note I just received this email from Aaron Gilmore who just squeaked into parliament on National’s list by a mere 40 votes.

Cam –

Given what seems a complete bizarre achievement of getting into Parliament by 40 votes out of 70 electorates according to DPF the closest ridiculous amount possible, I am celebrating by donating to all the Movember people I am following as it is the cause that promotes Blokes staying alive.

So look for $100 from me in the mail.

Kind regards,

Aaron Gilmore
Member of Parliament (Designate)
National Party List

Thanks Aaron for the donation but it is easier to just click the link, donate with your credit card, and you can now cross off that “Designate” title as well.

The rest of you slackers better get “behind” this or you might suffer the same fate that befalls others that cross the Whale. ;)


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