Reckless Cullen tries on a Muldoon

Nats accuse Cullen of recklessnessThe civilities between National and Labour since the election last Saturday are well and truly over. National yesterday accused outgoing Finance Minister Michael Cullen of recklessness and breaching conventions surrounding caretaker… [NZ Herald Politics]

Michael Cullen is a nasty, spiteful, little man. He simply cannot accept that he is yesterdays man and through his failed policies has almost singlehandedly wrecked the New Zealand economy with his parsimony.

He is no better than another nasty, spiteful little man called Sir Robert Muldoon.


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  • Inventory2

    Vogan – the documents released to Cullen by Treasury bore the endorsement “In confidence – Very preliminary”; however the documents released by Cullen had that endorsement erased. Draw your own conclusions.


  • fishfurter

    So it looks like the National led Maori/Act party wants to keep New Zealanders in the Dark ..Again. Is the new left wing Tory party going to pretend every thing is Hunky Dory ? By the end of the next three years most of the whale paste fans on this site will be pleading for Cullen to come back. “Bring back the Nanny State” will be the cry ! It appears New Zealand is in for another period of “Borrow and Hope” . Borrow to give out the rich tax . Wow this is the ideal time to spend up large just as the “depression” really hits. Batten down the hatches suckers ! Oh I forgot…if you get thrown out of work John Boy will support you even if your wife is creaming it. Yee Har…!! While the rest of the world hits the deck NZ will be the land of milk and honey. Bugger ,I wish I had voted the other way now.

  • Whaleoil

    If we have to “borrow and hope” it is because Cullen blew the good years, and for what?

    Cullen’s legacy is one, not of a prudent economic steward but rather one of a wastrel who blew the good times and left New Zealand facing a decade of deficits.

    Everytime Labour is in government they manage to spike the economic guns leaving National to pick up the pieces. They must never be trusted with the treasury benches again.


  • JC

    Blame Cullen all you want.. it’s true and deserved. But how about his boss, Phil Goff. Rest assured that this little prick approved it.




  • Spanishbride

    The pity is that Key has not been given the mandate by those who voted the nats back into power to do what really needs to be done.

    My analogy is this, NZ and Labour was the spouse with the spending problem, giving all income away to charity, the arts and to impulse buys like 2nd hand train sets ( it was on special daring and I just had to have it )

    If Act had been given more seats then the National spouse would be able to take the credit card away and cut it up, put income into passive income producing assets and put the other spouse on a tightly controlled budget including downsizing their home to something within their means. In other words making the hard bloody decisions rather than getting further and further in debt pretending that everything is ok.

    However the voters want a SOFT central govt which is a tolerant spouse who has a weary smile at the end of each week when the other half has yet again spent too much and on the wrong things. The spouse will be allowed to think that everything is fine and that they can continue on as they did before but no NEW extra expenditure please darling. Yes you can keep having botox but NO I put my foot down, you cannot have a second holiday home.

    This stategy will keep the NZ voter happy and will ensure that the marriage lasts. I guess rightly so that to make the hard calls and go all ACT on the NZ public will result in a divorce in 3 years time.


  • vogan

    Cullen should be told that if he cannot obey conventions for a caretaker Minister then he will be dismissed forthwith.