December 2008

Finally! A use for fat people

FattiesFinally a solution to two worldwide problems has been found. Obesity and Sustainable Fuel sources.

The beauty of the solution is that it is the same technology for both.

We get to suck fatties of all their excess lard and turn it into biodiesel. Ok so it is illegal at the moment but what’s a little law here or there that can’t be over-ridden for the greater good.

The Labour Party rammed through the Electoral Finance Act under the barest of parliamentary majorities. Surely for the sake of all the fatties and in order to make our own bio-fuels from their lard we could pass a law that puts fatties into fat farms and literally suck them dry.

Wow! I just thought of an added bonus, reducing the rampant welfare dependency in South Auckland by employing all the fatties there as fat producers. Imagine if we had this solution last year. Mrs Muliaga might never have died and Brenden Sheehan could make some money off the other fatties in the Muliaga family.

It has already been tested by a Kiwi inventor in his Bio-fueled boat. The Greenies can hardly complain, the meddlers won’t complain either. I think we have got a real winner here.

The idiocy of disproportionalism

The lefty twats of the media are being shown up almost hourly by bloggers pointing out the idiocy of statements decrying Israel’s “disproportionate” response to a “few”(6800) glorified sky-rockets.

This is plain idiocy on their part.

Michael J. Totten wonders exactly what they mean by proportionate;

Now that Hamas’s long war against Israel is matched with a short war in Gaza, protests are erupting everywhere from the blogosphere and Arab capitals to the United Nations, and they began on the very first day. blogger Glenn Greenwald calls the Israeli retaliation to more than a year of rocket attacks a “massively disproportionate response.” UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay “strongly condemned Israel’s disproportionate use of force.” The Israeli counterattack is, indeed, disproportionate, but it could hardly be otherwise. “At last count,” J.G. Thayer wrote, “one Israeli and two Palestinians (sisters, ages 13 and 5) died from rocket attacks. So a proportionate response, one presumes, would have required Israel to kill a single Palestinian and two of its own citizens.”

There were, I suppose, other “proportionate” responses available aside from killing one Palestinian and two Israelis. The Israel Defense Forces might have launched thousands of air strikes against targets in Gaza to match the thousands of Qassam rockets fired at the cities of Sderot and Ashkelon. It’s unlikely, however, that this is what Israel’s critics have in mind.

Victor Davis Hansen proposes some moderate suggestions to introduce more proportionate responses from both sides;

1) Request that 50% of Israel’s air-to-ground missiles be duds to ensure greater proportionality.

2) Allow Hamas another 1,000 free rocket launches to see if they can catch up with the body count.

3) Have Israeli soldiers congregate in border barracks so that Hamas’s random rockets have a better chance of killing military personnel, to ensure it can claim at least a few military targets.

4) Redefine “holocaust” to refer to deaths of terrorists in numbers under 400 to give greater credence to Hamas’s current claims.

5) In the interest of fairness, allow Hamas to establish both the date that war is supposed to begin and the date when it must end.

6) Send Israeli military advisers to Hamas to improve the accuracy of their missiles.

7) Take down the barriers to return to Hamas a fair chance of getting suicide bombers back inside Israel.

It is interesting also to note President-elect Barack hussein Obama’s comment on Hamas rockets and the typr of response they should expect.

“If someone was sending rockets on my house where my daughters were sleeping at night, I would do everything to stop it, and I would expect Israelis to do the same thing.” – President-elect Barack Obama

Great! Stabbed on New Years Day

Bloody relatives…..playing with knives.

Here I was cooking for the pod, just BBQ’d the meat and was delivering it into the kitchen when the evil MIL stabbed me with a kitchen knife.

Fortunately I am skilled at emergency first aid and applied suitable field dressings. Unfortunately for the leftist lickspittles and panty wetters out there I am perfectly fit and able to continue blogging despite my injury.


Israel response disproportionate

Much has been made of israel’s disproportionate response to a few “glorified skyrockets. The Israeli Ministry of Defense put out a press release outling some of Israel’s response.

  • 12 Palestinians entered Israel for medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.
  • Two of those evacuated were children injured during the military activates, the remaining are chronically sick people, and their escorts, that entered Israel for treatment that is not available within the Gaza Strip.
  • despite ongoing rocket fire approximately 2500 tons of humanitarian aid, medical supplies and medication were conveyed through Kerem Shalom cargo terminal. 
  • Ninety three trucks, withThe World Food Programme has informed Israel that they will not be resuming shipment of food commodities in to Gaza due to the fact that their warehouses are at full capacity and will last for approximately two weeks.
  • Since the beginning of operation “Cast Lead” some 6500 tons of aid have been transferred at the request of the international organizations, the Palestinian Authority and various governments.

There doesn’t appear to be any indication yet that any aid packages have been strapped onto the 6300 (and counting) missiles those humanitarians from Hamas have fired into Israel since 2005. The only things Hamas are sending to Israel are suicide bombers, rockets and mortars.

It seems to me this Israeli aid is very disproportionate.  We’ll be back to let you know if the boys at Tumeke think it should stop until Hamas catches up.

NZ Herald calls for de-politicisation of Honours

The NZ Herald editorial calls for the de-politicisation of the Honours system.

I think this is a good call, for far too long the system has been corrupted by the awarding of dubious honours.

On this week’s list, the last of the Clark Government, a number of people have received high honours even though it is hard to see what special service they gave to the nation over and above the jobs they were paid to do.

Former Speaker of Parliament Margaret Wilson – Distinguished Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit – and former Cabinet minister Steve Maharey and former State Services Commissioner Dr Mark Prebble – Companions of the Order – all played prominent roles in the period of the Labour Government but it can hardly be said they achieved great things beyond what is expected of people who take on such roles.

Indeed, Wilson was ineffective as a Speaker and Prebble, as the country’s top public servant, failed to deal firmly with ministerial pressure being applied over staff appointments in the Environment Ministry. It is hard to escape the conclusion that such honours are given partly for merely occupying a particular job and partly for services rendered to a political party rather than the community as a whole.

Wilson in particular should never have been honoured. I know that it is tradition to honour the former Speaker but that, I beleive should be predicated by the fact that they deserve the honour or that honour is indeed contained within their job and/or actions. Wilson doesn’t even remotely qualify, she was perhaps the most partisan Speaker ever, she ruled nothing except without the nod from Cullen and constantly failed to maintain order in the House. It is a travesty that she was so honoured. Likewise Maharey and Clem Simich. Both men have had a lifetime of sucking off the public tit and of having less than spectacular if not invisible careers in parliament, they deserved nothing but the pay and perks they got for warming a seat, and some would say that was too much.

Dougie crashes another company

Doug Somers-Edgar has spiralled another company into the ground.

Auckland property lender Orange Finance has frozen debenture repayments while its trustee decides whether to call in receivers.

Sole director Doug Somers-Edgar, who founded the investment advisory business Money Managers, has told debenture holders the property market squeeze has put some of Orange’s largest loans at risk.

The company has therefore decided to stop repaying maturing debentures and interest from December 22.

Mr Somers-Edgar was entertaining guests at his Torbay home last night, and his family said he was unable to come to the phone to provide details of the company’s finances.

Doug Somers-Edgrs has the reverse Midas touch when it comes to other peoples money. He has an uncanny ability to make their money disappear. It seems fools and their money are still easily parted.

Another finance company that may well be on the ropes as well is Rifleman Finance, the personal plaything of Jamie Peters (yes, he is a cousin). Their website has strangely dropped offline and has been down for at least a week. If anyone knows details about Rifleman Finance or Orange Finance then you can contact WOBH on the Tipline.

New IDF Video

The IDF has released several new videos. Once again they prove that Israel isn’t preventing medical attention for Gazans. The Video is of Israel admitting a Gazan child for treatment at an Israeli hospital via the Erez crossing. This child, who was not hurt as part of operation “Cast Lead,” will join hundreds of other Gazans hospitalized in Israel.

IAF strike on Qassam Launcher

IAF strike on Grad Launchers (note one of their “glorified skyrockets” gets off the ground before the strike goes in)

IAF strike on Hamas Offices and Grad Launchers

Six Talking points to counter Hamas Huggers

Warren Kinsella blogs on 6 points to counter Hamas Huggers and Apologists. How many of these has cliches has Bomber used in the past 4 days?

My favourite is Point 1.

1. “Israel’s response in Gaza is disproportionate.”

Since when is war a mathematical equation? The basic objective of any warring party is to inflict maximal damage on the enemy while minimizing its own casualties. Was there anything proportional about the US war in Iraq? Or about Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait for that matter? Or about Russia’s recent war against Georgia? Israel is doing exactly what any other country has done in the past. This is how war works.

Would a British citizen complain that “too few” British soldiers are being killed in Iraq? Probably not.

And on a more elementary note: Palestinian military inferiority is not an indication of moral superiority. Palestinian insistence on resorting to violence despite this military weakness is an indication of poor judgment perhaps – yet it is by no means an indication of moral virtue. Being militarily weak does not make the Palestinians right.

Go read the rest and then go tell Bomber and Tim what you think.

Juice Hate Signs

Juice Hate Signs

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