A humble apology to the President of Turkmenistan

I received this email from the President of Turkmenistan and in a WOBH first I offer my most sincere and humble apologies for suggesting that Mayor Andrew Williams, the Cock of Campbells Bay is your evil twin brother. I regret any inference to such a characterisation.

Dear Whaleoil

I wish you to be corrected that Mayor Andrew Williams is not My evil twin brother.

These rumours are malicious calumnies of western press and murder of roosters work of amateur.

I will say no more as I only ask once that you stop spreading such rumour.

You are forgiven only once as my photo in the Financial Times of December 20/December 21 does give strange likeness to your Lord Mayor of your northern shores.

Herewith is photo from Times article My Lieutenant Secretary scan for you.

I warn you not repeat calumnies in Times litany of link insie link to left.

You oblige permission to glorify new glorious Turkmenbashi, new father of all Turkmens.

Photos of glorious self entity attache for anticipate favourable article.

More photos of myself superior seniority as President greater than Mayor follow but chains of office similarity.

Turkmen President great, dear leaderDear Great leader of Turkmen with some SlopeheadGreat Turkmen Leader not evil twin of Cock of Campbells bay
Many more photos of Great Turkmen Leader (me, Gurbanguly, of course) can be found inside link.

Be understood me that Whaleoil family members in Turkmenistan is most concerned that New Zealand Whaleoil Turkman blogger think of their health and publish laudatory counter article.

President of Turkemistan (99% of vote)

Gurbanguly Berdimuhammedov