Brownlee turns the old lights back on

Brownlee turns the old lights back onIncandescent light bulbs have been reprieved. Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee told Parliament yesterday he would not be going ahead with the previous Labour-led Government’s plan to phase them out. He said he was… [NZ Herald Politics]

The nanny state roll back has begun. Gerry Brownlee said yesterday;

“We are committed to energy efficiency in the home, and efficient lighting has an important role to play in helping us reduce the amount of energy we use.

“But this Government believes it is a matter of consumer choice.”

Exactly, the consumer can choose between cheap bulbs that don’t last long or expensive bulbs that may last longer and save power and money in the long run.

Labour still hasn’t worked out that people abandoned them because they felt that all too often they had Helen Clark sitting in their living rooms telling them how to think, act and speak.