Diplomatic post 'live option' for Clark – Key

Diplomatic post ‘live option’ for Clark – KeyA diplomatic posting for former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark is a “live option” if she wants such a job, Prime Minister John Key says. Helen Clark stood down after Labour’s loss became apparent on election night, but is still… [NZ Herald Politics]

John, John, John, this mendacious bitch deserves nothing but opprobrium. Her lies and deceit have left the country in a financial mess. If you really want to see the back of her then how about a term in the slammer with a prosecution under the Public Finance Act.

If you really ust give the lying toad a diplomatic position then might I suggest in no particular order;

  • Fiji, according to the media we might need a new High Commissioner there
  • Kiribati
  • Zimbabwe
  • Any other African nation
  • Personal assistant to the Ambassador in Cairo, I hear they are quite friendly towrds each other.
  • Iceland, that is about as far as you can go and they are as broke as us.
  • Vietnam, so she can see what her paint throwing got them.
  • Bhutan, she does so love mountains