Everyone should just calm down

UPDATED: TVNZ journalist detained in FijiA TVNZ journalist has been detained in Fiji as the New Zealand Government defies an ultimatum from Fiji’s self-appointed prime minister Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama. One News reported that its Pacific Correspondent Barbara… [NZ Herald Politics]

Known shit stirrer Barbara Dreaver has been tossed out of Fiji. She has been up there before and caused a ruckus, it is their country and they can decide who comes in and when.

Just the same as it is our country and we can do the same. Unfortunately we are operating under silly sanctions that Clark put in place.

How silly?

Well at the moment there is a bit of a diplomatic stink because we won’t let the son of the President’s secretary in to complete his studies. This is silly because he is caught under the rules Clark put in place prevent members of the regime to travel. That is where it really is silly. The President of Fiji is NOT part of the regime. He has been the President since 2000 well before the latest coup in 2006.

The best thing that New Zealand could do is remove the silly sanctions and send up a team to help the Commodore establish quality government institutions free of nepotism and graft, assist with drafting and passing a new fair constitution and remove race based policies and programmes from government.

I think we would find that the Commodore would welcome that assistance rather than the current situation where we all stand abck and point fingers.

Meanwhile we have no sanctions against Thailand’s government, none that I know of against Zimbabwe, freely trade with agents of terrorism in the Middle East and somehow we get all upset about a man who wants some honesty and integrity restored to his country and in order to do that had to boot the corrupt politicians from power.