Fiji denies back down over NZ diplomat

Fiji denies back down over NZ diplomatFiji’s interim government has decided against expelling New Zealand’s acting high commissioner for now, but is denying it is a back down. The diplomatic row is over a demand by self-appointed Prime Minister Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama… [NZ Herald Politics]

I’d go with the Fijian account here. From my sources in Fiji there appears to have been absolutely no indication that the High Commissioner was going to be sent packing.

This whole story appears to have been a beat up by one or two malicious journalists in New Zealand and now their dire predictions haven’t come true they are trying to paint it as a back don for the Fijian Government.

Now if the Dark Lord would like to contact me I might be able to sort out this Fiji situation a little bit faster than the current methodology has achieved.

Bluster and finger point generally doesn’t work. There is an easy solution for all but it requires New Zealand to climb down from their post-colonial posturing and Fiji to accept some honest assistance i getting them back on the road to democracy.

On another note, my sources in Suva tell me that street crime is now almost non-existant, same with corruption. You see if you are a silly street thug and get get caught you spend a couple of days in the cells and get a seeing to, thus you become dis-inclined to be a street thug.