Great! Stabbed on New Years Day

Bloody relatives…..playing with knives.

Here I was cooking for the pod, just BBQ’d the meat and was delivering it into the kitchen when the evil MIL stabbed me with a kitchen knife.

Fortunately I am skilled at emergency first aid and applied suitable field dressings. Unfortunately for the leftist lickspittles and panty wetters out there I am perfectly fit and able to continue blogging despite my injury.


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  • Cactus Kate

    This is a woman from the same gene pool as SB.  Be afraid.

  • Spanishbride

    She is a poor aim.

    She was actually aiming for his brain but came in a little too low and got two toes instead.

  • Spanishbride

    My Mum is much tougher than me actually Cactus.

    I only pelted him with ice cubes when he complained of the heat and emptied my drink over his head….she actually drew blood!