Independent Inquiry needed into Police

I think with the increasing revelations of political spying going on there must be an independent inquiry set up to look closely at this whole business.

I must confess that I am conflicted with this. Clearly the Police have been spying, we know this from the evidence released thus far but also from the lack of investigation into previous spying allegations involving the theft of Don Brash’s emails.

It is highly ironic that those who benfited most from that spying episode and those who made huge political capital out of it are now also victim of the same tactics and methods.

Nevertheless there is now too much speculation for the status quo to be tolerated and thus we must have an Independent Investigation into the goings on at the Police.

Commissioner Howard Broad, his Deputies and the various units involved must be brought before the inquiry and questioned at length over who exactly authorised these spying activities.

Previous Police Ministers including Annette King and Phil Goff need also to testify beofre the inquiry.

There needs to be public confidence in our Police force but with years of political machinations involving prosecutions of opposition members and not any for Government members under suspicion there is now little or no public support for the Police.

There has to have been a reason for the spying otherwise wfor what purpose was it conducted. It appears that Labour may well have been spying on its supposed friends as well as their enemies.