For over a year David’s and my campaign against firstly the Electoral Finance Bill and then the Electoral Finance Act was described by the lap-blogsters at The Standard as a “ramshackle PR fiasco“.

Yet today, devoid of any original thoughts of their own and indeed in breach of our intellectual property rights they have decided that the message wasn’t so ramshackle after all nor a fiasco.

I take it as a huge compliment that they have copied our work even if it is in a …well….ramshackle way.

What I find highly ironic though is that now the boot is on the other foot they are hugely annoyed. Back then though Tane said this about ignoring the Human Rights Commission.

Of course the HRC still has issues with the bill – everyone does, it’s the nature of legislation. But the HRC has stated it is pleased with the changes:

Human Rights Commissioner Judy McGregor said it was pleased with changes. However, the doubled cap for third party spending & $120,000 in yesterday’s version of the bill & was not high enough. Dr McGregor said the commission was disappointed there would not be another round of public consultation following the changes.

That’s hardly a call for the bill to be scrapped, is it?

Oh dear, let’s use Tane’s explanation shall we…..The Human Rights Commission is upset but they are hardly calling for the bill to be scrapped are they?

Goose, Gander. Suck it up boys, your hypocrisy has found you out.