John Armstrong: Key did right thing, just a few steps late

John Armstrong: Key did right thing, just a few steps lateIn his handling of the first “crisis” to confront him as Prime Minister, John Key has been taught a few instructive lessons about not just keeping in step with public opinion, but the need to stay ahead of it. In sending an Air… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Armstrong has his pinko coloured spectacles on again this morning in berating John Key for doing too little, too late about the losers stuck in Bangkok.

Now a couple of points here. Phil Goff would have known the 757’s were broken, he was the Defence Minister just 4 weeks ago and would have been informed that the planes were broken and in the US. Quite how the NZ government was supposed to deploy them to help is beyond me. Phil Goff also thinks a valid contigency plan is to sponge off your mates by asking Australia for help.

Quite apart from all that I fail to see why people are sitting on their chuff in Bangkok waiting for the New Zealand government to save their sorry asses.

I had a couple of mates stuck in Thailand, they both got themelves home with no help either asked for or received from the government. One took the bus to Phuket and flew to Singapore from there and the other took a train to Malayasia and flew home from there. A bit of lateral thinking and Kiwi can do spirit.

It seems to me that 9 years of Labour have knobbled the Kiwi Spirit, essentially emasculating us from thinking and doing for ourselves, instead waiting for the munificence of the the government to save us.