Key joins Maori leaders at hui to develop links

Key joins Maori leaders at hui to develop linksPrime Minister John Key will attend a special hui tomorrow to discuss concerns of Maori tribal leaders from across the country, including issues around the ownership and management of water. The hui, at Pukawa Marae on the southern… [NZ Herald Politics]

While Phil Goff and labour sneer and smear Maori from the sidelines in their over-bearing nanny knows best manner, John key is quietly and efficiently setting about changing the face of New Zealand politics forever.

What John Key has done differently from everyone before him is he has engaged with maori as a partner not as a hangover from attitudes of the past.

Where Clark and Goff and most of labour are at is still litigating the protests of the 70’s. New Zealand has moved on from there, we are sick and tired of the old methods and John Key is quietly and effectively neutering the old school through openness and inclusiveness.