McCully in Fiji for talks on return to democracy

McCully in Fiji for talks on return to democracyForeign Affairs Minister Murray McCully will put renewed pressure on Fiji and its military ruler Frank Bainimarama to return the country to democracy. Mr McCully is in Fiji today as part of a Pacific Islands Forum group assessing… [NZ Herald Politics]

Note to Helen Clark and Phil Goff.

This is how you restore democracy to Fiji, you sit down and ask them how we can help. Your way of standing there and making insulting empty threats doesn’t work and never will.

Banning kiddies playing in soccer tournaments isn’t a way to encourage dialogue.

A note to the Dark Lord, help out Fiji don’t lecture them. They need assistance with a Census and elimination of graft not finger pointing and waving lectures from politicians.

The best way for Fiji to return to democracy is to help them overcome their racist constitution and put in place an enduring constitution.