Minister under Police Investigation

It’s official, the Electoral Commission has referred the complaint about Rodney Hide’s yellow jacket to the Police for investigation under the Electoral Finance Act

Rodney's Yellow Jacket illegalDated: 26 November 2008

Decision Number: 2008-45

Subject:   Yellow jacket worn by Rodney Hide bearing an embroidered logo similar to the ACT logo and the slogan “the guts to do what’s right”.  The jacket does not display a promoter statement.

Findings and Determination: 

Rodney Hide’s jacket bearing an embroidered logo and slogan did not contain a promoter statement and its publication does not appear to have been authorised in writing by the financial agent for ACT New Zealand. The offence will be reported to the Police.

Contravention of sections 63(2)(a) and 65(1)(b) of the Electoral Finance Act 2007 by failure to display a promoter statement, and contravention of 65(1)(a) by failure to obtain written authorisation from the party financial agent, amounting to offences under sections 63(4) and 65(4) of the Act. The facts will be reported to the Police in accordance with section 70.

The Electoral Commission made no determination about whether any contravention of section 63(2)(b) occurred.

As predicted the farce that an item of clothing needed to be authorised and registered has occured and now someone will be suffering under the strong arm of the while they investigate such silliness. The Electoral Finance Act needs immediately to be repealed.

In other news, the Greens got off scot free again, it seems that when Labour or the Greens broke the Electoral Finance Act it was “so inconsequential to the public interest that the matter will not be reported to the Police.” and whe National or Act MP’s did the same thing it must now be investigated by the Police. Nicky Wagner and Sir Roger Douglas are under the gun too.

It is now official, we can call the Electoral Commission bent. Not one single breach by the labour party or their flunkies was ever referred to the Police. Yet National and Act’s have been. Go figure? A sign on a fence is “inconsequential” and a jacket worn by one man warrants police investigation.


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  • Hagues

    “and its publication does not appear to have been authorised in writing by the financial agent for ACT New Zealand.”

    When exactly did Rodney publish his jacket?

  • Robin Hoodie

    So let me get this right, Rodney has a jacket to be scrutinised by the Police.

    ACC have a 1bn hole in the Sinking Fund, and no worries.


    Police don’t seem interested in $158k stolen by Winston First either.

    Sack Police HQ immediately!!