No need to hike ACC levies – Labour

No need to hike ACC levies – LabourLabour says there are options other than hiking ACC levies to meet a $4 billion hole and has accused the Government of trying to make the system look bad so it can privatise it. ACC Minister Nick Smith yesterday said levies would… [NZ Herald Politics]

Phil Goff has outrageous cheek to even be speaking about ACC after his government left the books in such a parlous state.

Not only did Labour lie about the state of the finances they also colluded to hide it and then campaigned in the election prmosing reductions in levies. They are simply lying toads.

Now the slimy prick has the audacity to claim that the rises aren’t necessary to meet the shortfall in funding orchestrated by the previous Labour government.

Nick Smith and John Key should politely tell Phil Goff to just STFU.