Second ACC blowout could shave tax cuts

Helen Clark and Michael CullenSecond ACC blowout could shave tax cutsA second ACC blowout could see average wage earners lose almost a third of next year’s tax cut if the incoming Government follows officials’ advice. ACC Minister Nick Smith this week revealed a $1.25 billion four-year shortfall… [NZ Herald Politics]

Once people start to realise that Labour’s secret agenda in their proposed December mini-budget was to soak up any tax cut they were to receive by reversing promised ACC levy decreases and implementing far reaching increases and that Labour has repeated lied and covered-up the enormity of the situation at ACC then Helen Clark and Michael Cullen could well become like Mussolini and his mistress pariahs and hunted in their own country.

They have lied and misled the New Zealand public and they should be tried for their lies. One wag at Kiwiblog posted his analysis and I must say I agree with it;

1. Labour thought they had a certain win with what they thought they had on Key with the H-fee.
2. They thought it was a safe bet to promise to cut ACC levies. Then after the election they inform the public that their officials have just given them all this dire information on ACC.
3. They then have justification in their mini-budget to scrap the decreases and replace them with increases in ACC levies, what they knew all along they were going to have to do.

They must have been shitting themselves when the H-fee screw-up blew up in their faces.

No wonder Helen moved faster than blame when the results came in and fell on her sword. She knew that about two weeks later all the murk was going to come bubbling to the surface, Cullen knew too and that was why he did the same.

Labour must never be trusted again with the books. The corruption and lies must be rooted out, we must have an Independent Commission against Corruption.